Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I'm so Thankful for.....

Yesterday, while at work (don't tell my boss)

 I started thinking about all the things that I was thankful for in my life. 

There were so many.
 I had to scribble them down on a piece of scrap paper.
Here are just a few....

I am So Thankful For:

....all of my family members that will gather with my Mom & Dad  around the Thanksgiving dinner table tomorrow.  May our Plates, Bellies, and Hearts be full....

....For my Hubby.  I am thankful for his support and for whatever divine intervention brought us together and kept us solidly grounded for all these years.

....For my Kids.  I am thankful that I am able to participate in and witness their never-ending quest to find their "Happy".

....For Grandma's Vera and Dorothy;  Grandpa's Bob, Stanley and Oscar.
 I think about them all the time. I just know they will be joining us at the dinner table from up above.  Grandma Vera will be setting a beautiful table while Grandma Dorothy is giving "directions" to the Grandpa's on how to carve the Turkey.

  May they always continue to watch over us all....