Friday, November 9, 2012


My Hubby, son & I are a bit "fanatical" when it comes to sports....

My daughter, uh.....not so much.

We've been to a few MLB games over the years.  We also went to our first NFL game this past year.  It was awesome!  We got to see Brett Favre up close right from our seats!  He has nice buns...just sayin'

So, when it comes time to get tickets to a major sporting event, my husband has one theory:

Don't buy the nosebleed seats...If you're gonna buy those, you might as well just stay home & watch the game on the 42" flat screen.  You will get a better view.  Brutally honest man, that hubby of mine.

When Ticket America approached me about mentioning their website on my blog, I had to go check it out.  You know, to see if it was legit.... Woah. They have tickets for lots of events: Concerts, Nascar. You name it.

 I never heard of Ticket America until today.  I will definitely be looking them up the next time I'm looking for premium event tickets.

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