Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas... My pants don't fit.

Moments with family and friends are precious.
Try to enjoy every single one of them this holiday season.
Our first Snow.  Just in time for Christmas.

Even if it means having to indulge Uncle Lou by listening to him tell that same old fib about being the original inventor of Rubber Cement.  Tell him how Rubber Cement almost saved your life.. And if it weren't for him, you may not be alive today..
It will warm his heart.
Visit your Angels on earth.
I'm fortunate enough to be living near 2 of them.
Spending time with Brenda and Tina over a few glasses of wine has been the ultimate Christmas gift for myself this year. 
Tina has a blog called Forever a Mom.  You will truly understand why I call her an angel when you read her story.  Please stop by and leave her a heartfelt comment. It would make her heart feel good. (mine too)....
Or if you just want to see a few embarrassing pics of me, check out Tina's post from a wine tasting party Hubby & I  hosted earlier this year.
Happy Holidays.....
and remember that it's up to you
to put the  "Merry"
in your
"Merry Christmas!"