Thursday, January 17, 2013

Healthy Eating Week #2 {pinterest inspired}

My weight loss has been slowing down.  Considerably.  Pounds lost are dwindling into ounces.  I guess the detox got rid of about 5 pounds of "holiday goo" I'm down to extricating the surplus poundage I gained before the holidays..

 I'm still determined to reach my goal of losing another 5 pounds to meet my healthy/happy weight.  {And my goal of wearing a bathing suit without trauma}

Plus... I'm still having too much fun trying all the healthy foods and recipes that I've been pinning on Pinterest!

Here's a couple of  tasty snacks that I made last week:

Baked {Fried} Mozzarella Sticks
Pinned Image
Pinned by Lori Ann   Recipe by Olive the Ingredients

I baked the mozzarella sticks a lot longer than suggested.  The fam  thought that they would taste even better with a slice of deli turkey or ham rolled up in it.  I might try that next time.  I may also try her second method of cooking them which is lightly "frying" them in olive oil on the stove top.

  And then there's these 'lil buggers........

Chocolate Oat Balls {no bake energy snack}
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Pinned byLori Ann                Recipe by The Garden Grazer
These are delicious!  There is flax seed, sunflower seeds, almonds, peanut butter, rolled oats, honey and a little chocolate  in these babies. (if I didn't just tell you that, you would have no clue by the yummy taste)
  I rolled them into balls & set them in the fridge overnight.  My daughter ate them for breakfast the next morning.  We all loved them!  Perfect snack.  I'll be making these again- next time, I'm going to try to lightly grind the nuts to create a less "chunky texture".  Note to self.

Phase II of my healthy eating challenge involves the dreaded "E" wordExercise.

My elliptical trainer is in the basement.  It's patiently waiting for me to go down there & give it a good dusting off.  Then, I may even ride it.  If the dust removal isn't considered enough exercise for the day.  Stay tuned...