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Lori Ann’s  website is in the process of a total makeover.   The site may be a little WONKY  during this time.   Please stand by this gal and browse around while she’s trying to pull this all together.  Bigger, more beautiful things are coming soon!



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Lori Ann

How to Bake a Cake in your Slow Cooker


Oh Slow Cooker, 
How do I Love Thee?
Let me count the ways……..
My Love List is long.
And it just got a little longer.
It bakes cakes!!!
Ok.  This the point where you either keep scrolling to get the instructions on how to bake a cake in the slow cooker
You hurry up and click your way outta here and wish for me to get a life 
(Or at the very least, GET A BETTER BLOG, WEIRD LADY)
For the rest of you still sticking around
Here we go!

Banana Cream Pie from Scratch

Every now and then I get that itty bitty sinking feeling in my gut when my boy comes home from college.

Easy Slow Cooker Baked Sweet Potatoes


You know that saying “You learn something new everyday” ?

My Gooseberry Patch Slow Cooker Meatball Recipe

“Mom Knows Best”
I do believe I like the sound of that….
and this….
250+ Recipes Shared By Modern Moms
This is my kind of cookbook.
And it just so happens that I actually have a recipe published in said cookbook.

Snow Day Milkshakes

With all the talk about snowy weather in the forecast I was reminded of a snow day 4 years ago.