3 Foods To Have Delivered

Getting food delivered is ubiquitous with being too tired, busy or hungry to fix food yourself. Food delivery services have expanded over the years, leading to more and more options for meals that can arrive directly to your home or office. Here are three foods to have delivered.

  1. Pizza

Pizza is one of the most common foods to order in because it is quick, enjoyed by everyone and can usually last for more than one meal. The most common pizza toppings in the United States are pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms and onions, but feel free to branch out and request a less common topping for your pizza. A local delivery Valdosta GA service will be happy to keep your pizza of choice warm.

  1. Burritos

There are a wide variety of burritos to choose from, including beef, chorizo, chicken or veggie. Many burrito places also serve tacos, quesadillas, burrito bowls and salads, providing more options to keep everyone happy. If you really want to try something different, find a place that has a sushi burrito.

  1. Sushi

If a sushi burrito sounds a bit extreme for you but you enjoy the more traditional raw fish cuisine, consider having sushi delivered. Sushi is often used as an umbrella term that includes:

  • Maki, a rolled piece containing fish and vegetables surrounded by a thin layer of nori and vinegared rice
  • Nigiri, a piece of densely compacted, vinegared rice with a thin slice of fresh raw fish on top
  • Sashimi, a thinly sliced piece of fresh raw fish served without rice

Most sushi restaurants offer dishes such as miso soup and fried rice for those who prefer not to have fish. When ordering sushi, make sure to request sides of soy sauce, wasabi and ginger to complement your meal.

Consider one of these three foods the next time you order in.