4 Best Cuisines You Can Enjoy in the UAE

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Experiencing new tastes or spicing up your taste buds is what many people like to spend their money on. From ordering the same weekend menu or trying something different, there’s always something that we all crave for. No matter where you reside you always get your favorite cuisine one way or the other. In Dubai, you can find multiple restaurants at one place that offer you tasty and scrumptious dishes. If you’re new in the town you can also get your taste buds feel the exotic traditional cuisines that will make you come for more.

Trying new foods and cuisines is not a problem anymore in UAE as you can easily deliver it at your doorsteps with 1 click. Not only this, if it’s your first time you can use different offers too. To get started with your food spree its best if you know the top-tier cuisines that the UAE has to offer. To help you with the list of choices, we mentioned 4 best cuisines available in the UAE.

1- Arabian

Considering the fact that the traditional dishes that the restaurants offer are best of the best, Arabian cuisine’s UAE specialty. With a range of menu available on each restaurant, you can order your favorite in just a single tap. From deals to sharing boxes, all are especially made for the costumers to save more as they enjoy their orders. Falafels, Hummus, Sujuk, Musahhab and Shawarma are all examples of their mouthwatering list of options. Furthermore as you place an order for your favorite lip-smacking combo, you can always save-up extra with Noon Food promo code.

2- Chinese

With a wide variety of options, UAE offers one of the best Chinese cuisines, after china itself of course. With the delicacy and hard work brings about the best dishes under this category on various restaurants. Listing the menu specials for you, Chaofan, Dimsum, Stir-Fried Noodles, etc., makes it the delicious cuisine choice. You can also order from home kitchens that are expert in this type of cuisine or are directly related to it. That makes you savor the taste of the international Asian flavors all at one place.

3- Japanese

It is definitely understood that sushi is the Japanese food item. But what we don’t know is that Japanese cuisines offer more than just the sushi. In UAE you get a variety of Japanese food that might blow your mind and give you extra cravings. From the Sushi Platter to Yakisoba, Agemono Fried Rice and Ebi Tempura you get to fulfill your Japanese cravings. If you haven’t ordered yourself your favorite appealing Japanese dish, you should do now.

4- Italian

When we talk about Italian cuisine, it’s just everywhere in every city of every country. Though not all past the Italian test but here in UAE, you get even the smallest taste of original cuisines. The chefs expertly cook one of the best Italian dishes you can get your hands on here in UAE. With the fresh ingredients, it is made sure even the dough and other essentials are made from scratch. This provides you with tastes that make you crave more and order more. If you haven’t tasted the delicacies yet, you’re missing out a lot.