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5 Secrets Steakhouse Chefs Will Never Tell You!

Have you ever wondered why the steaks taste so good at your favorite steakhouse? What goes behind the scenes while cooking theses smoky and spicy delights? Well, the professional chefs spend years to understand the art of balancing flavors and textures in your favorite steak.

So, here we are revealing the top 5 secrets which make your steak meal experience awesome:

  • Perfection lies in the perfect cut: Did you ever think why the world’s best steakhouse restaurants serve mainly two steak dishes like big porterhouse or T-bones. You might have also observed that steakhouse chefs serve thick meat. The reason behind serving the thick meat is it can easily accommodate different cooking temperatures. Thickness is the main reason why every layer of meat bursts out the magical flavors.
  • Over season the steak: Ever wondered why the restaurant’s steak is so crispy and juicy? This is because they coat the meat with a number of ingredients. They coat it with a lot of salt to bring out the beefy and pleasing flavors. Such heavy coating develops a seared crust and infuses the seasonings and flavors into every layer of meat.
  • The premium quality of meat gives a premium taste: Depending upon USDA grading, steakhouse restaurants use different grades of meat. Famous and renowned steakhouse restaurants use the highest quality and aged meat like prime beef to deliver the best steak meal experience. A few steakhouses even use dry-aged meat for steaks. Though such steaks are expensive, it’s definitely worth the price! 
  • Superheating is equal to super delicious steak: Steakhouse Chefs normally use wood-fired grills at temperatures more than 700°F. Chefs also prefer infrared grills with temperature over 1,000° F to cook the sassy steak! With highly heated ovens and grills, the steak gets cooked quickly, leaving the meat soft and tender. High heat also forms a tempting brown crust on the exterior and gives the smoky texture to the steak For your assistance you can find Z grills reviews to choose the right wood pellet grills for having the wood fired grills any time for your loved ones.
  • Loads and loads of butter: Your steakhouse chefs use loads of butter to make it delicious. Butter makes the meat tender and gives a glossy yet rich sheen. It carries the flavors of external seasoning throughout the steak and makes the meat more chewy. Generally, steakhouse use compounded butter because of its wonderful properties, which when used with magical herbs, makes the steak super delicious!

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