For the years, cookbooks have been used to publish recipes in an explicit way for everyone to understand. We all know why recipes are essential as far as standardization of food menus is concerned. It’s the reason KFC chicken in the Newyork tastes the same way as the one in London. The use of cookbooks was appreciated from back then, and they are still relevant today. However, with the invention of the computer, it is now possible to publish a cookbook as an eBook. Hard copy cookbooks still have a lot of potentials, and some people feel more comfortable reading the recipes off a hard copy cookbook than an eBook.

If you intend to monetize your recipes as a recipe developer, there are several ways to do it. You can do it through creating a food blog, YouTube channel, or even sell your recipes to a food magazine/booklets. But the best method of monetizing your recipe more so if you have a good number of them is through publishing them in a cookbook. The cookbook market will not get saturated anytime soon because people will always want new recipes to put something different on their food menu once in a while. Cookbooks usually have 40 to 80 pages depending on the number of recipes and how deeply you explain each. There are a couple of reasons why I recommend publishing your recipes in a cookbook. Here are my reasons;

A cookbook gives you room to explain your recipes deeply: With a cookbook, you will have the room to describe each recipe profoundly. Your descriptions will even sound more interesting if you blend in some form of storytelling.

  • People who buy cookbooks are those that want an in-depth understanding of recipes right from how you prepare the recipe to the number of calories present in each recipe.
  • Cookbooks are already popular amongst people who are looking for recipes. When anybody thinks of where to get the best recipes, one of the first options they think of is a cookbook. They have stood the test of time, and they are probably not going away anytime soon.
  • A cookbook gives your recipe collection a sense of identity: With a cookbook, you will be able to describe your recipes from your point of view and using your customized images. This will identify your recipes collection from the many that have already been published.
  • You can add up to 300 or even more recipes: With cookbooks, it is possible to add as many recipes as you wish, which may not be possible with other platforms like blogs, YouTube, or even a food magazine. Not only will this allow you to add all the recipes thoroughly, but it will also give value for money to those that buy your cookbook
  • Cookbooks are easy to publish: It has become very easy with the advance online ordering system to print books without wasting your precious time, at the best prices. It has become a quick and simple process, all you have to do is just upload your file and everything is on your fingertip.

Publishing your recipes in a cookbook is an excellent choice based on the benefits it has both in the short and long term. You may have chosen to publish your cookbook as a hard copy but don’t have the time to go to the printers and publish. Then the online system is just what you need in order to make publishing and reviewing simpler and this also puts you firmly in control.

Key Factors Affecting Preprint Success:

  1. Cover

The cover is the first impression of your cookbook. Your cover has to be made up of 4 pages that are the front cover, back cover, front inside cover, and back inside cover.

  1. Bleed 

Bleed is the margin beyond the edge where the paper will be trimmed. You need to make sure that no important content is added to this area. The minimum amount of bleed for catalogs has to be 3mm.

  1. Binding:

It is very important to choose the right binding option. We need to focus on the durability of the cookbook while choosing the type of binding. Some of the good binding options are saddle-stitched or stapled, perfect bound, loop bound, or wiro bound.

Now when you have finalized the above points your cookbook is ready to print.


Cookbooks are for sure one of the great ways of publishing your recipes thanks to the so many benefits that we have discussed of booklet printing. And the online system has made it much quicker and easier. So just get ready and let your recipes reach the World!

All the best as you publish your next cookbook

Author : Adam Smith is a marketing director at Mixam who loves to motivate entrepreneurs and startup holders. He writes for magazines and blogs on topics pertaining to leadership and success. While not at work, he is either on vacation or binge-watching series on Netflix