Counting the Number of Glasses in a Bottle of Wine

Whether you’re eating at a fancy restaurant, attending a celebration, or hosting a party in your home, wine is often a key part of the menu. It has been an element of human tradition dating back centuries. As far back as ancient times, feasts and banquets were full of wine. It has traditionally represented abundance and joy. 

We now serve wine on special occasions and at large events, so it’s helpful to know things like the number of glasses in a bottle of wine. This knowledge will help you estimate your needs in the future.  

How Many Glasses Can be Served from a Standard Bottle of Wine?

The standard wine bottle contains 750 ml of wine. According to The US Department of Agriculture, one serving—or glass—Is equivalent to 5 ounces (approximately 150 ml). That means there are five glasses in a standard bottle of wine. Note that one bottle contains around 25 ounces of liquid. 

Other sources indicate that the number of glasses in a bottle of wine depends on the wine’s alcohol content. That’s why the estimated number of glasses can range from four to six drinks on average. 

If two types of wine have a significant difference in their alcohol content, then you can also expect them to have a similar difference in the number of glasses per bottle. For example, in Australia, one Shiraz bottle contains 8.9 servings, while one German Riesling bottle contains 4.7 servings. The ABV of Shiraz is 15%, while the ABV of German Riesling is 8%. In general, however, most experts agree that one bottle of wine contains five glasses. 

How Many Glasses Does a Large Wine Bottle Contain? Small Bottle?

Wine bottle sizes range from small to large. The tiniest wine bottle is called Piccolo or Split. It contains 187.5 ml of wine, the equivalent of just one glass. On the other hand, the largest wine bottle is called Midas or Melchizedek holds 30 L or 200 wine glasses. 

The table below summarizes wine bottle sizes with their corresponding volume and number of glasses in each: 

Size of Wine Bottle Volume of Wine # of Standard Bottles # of Glasses
Piccolo or Split 187.5 ml 1
Demi or Half 375 ml 2.5
Jennie or Half-liter 500 ml 3
Standard 750 ml 1 5
Liter  1 L 1.33 7
Magnum  1.5 L 2 10
Double Magnum or Jeroboam 3 L 4 20
Rehoboam 4.5 L 6 30
Methuselah 6 L 8 40
Salmanazar 9 L 12 60
Balthazar 12 L 16 80
Nebuchadnezzar 15 L 20 100
Melchior 18 L 24 120
Solomon 20 L 26.67 133.33
Sovereign 26 L 35 175
Goliath or Primat 27 L 36 180
Midas or Melchizedek 30 L 40 200