Importance of Having Beef as a Part of Your Healthy Diet

People have had a difference of opinion when considering the health benefits and harm of eating beef. While considering the benefits, being a versatile choice in the kitchen and tasting great isn’t its only benefit. It is also packed with essential vitamins and nutrients that are important for a balanced and healthy diet. 

Beef is a patent at every Australian dinner table and cookout, especially the grass-fed and lean Beef that has a less saturated fat content. You can learn more here on the official website, Australian Beef. The Greatest, on how to find the best well-informed recipies with nutritional facts that will inspire you to cook delicious meals for you and your family.

What are the benefits of eating Australian Beef?

  1. Muscle Growth – A sufficient protein intake is essential for optimal health. Beef is rich in protein and packed with health-promoting amino acids that help the body build and maintain lean muscle mass. 
  2. Great source of Iron – Iron is an essential element for energy, healthy growth, and development. Beef provides a great source of iron and is more easily absorbed by the body making it a good source of this mineral. 
  3. Rich in Minerals – Beef provides four essential vitamins such as riboflavin, niacin, vitamins B6 and 12, amongst others, which help decrease fatigue and tiredness. It also helps many people balance out deficiency issues with some of these minerals.
  4. Rich in Zinc – Zinc is important for your body’s cellular metabolism, and it helps keep your immune system strong, making it necessary in fighting off infections. It helps to keep your skin and hair healthy. The zinc in red meat is also absorbed easily by the body than the zinc in plant foods.
  5. Large Source of L-Carnitine – L-carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid in beef and has various positive impacts on health markers. L-Carnitine helps transport fats into our mitochondria for burning. It has also been known to reduce all-cause mortality in heart failure patients. Higher L-carnitine intake in type 2 diabetes patients tends to improve glucose levels and overall cholesterol. It also helps with systematic weight loss.
  6. Contains Creatine – Creatine assists in muscle growth and development, and also improves exercise performance. It is a vital dietary supplement and eating beef gives you a decent amount of dietary creatine. It also aids your body to produce more of it too.
  7. Highest Source of CLA – CLA is otherwise known as, conjugated linoleic acid is a naturally occurring trans-fat. It helps to improve insulin sensitivity and promote fat loss. CLA is highly included in meat and dairy products and Beef from grass-fed cows is one of the highest sources of conjugated linoleic acid.
  8. Affordable Meat – Beef is substantially cheaper. To explain how we compare it as per 100g to vegetables, beef contains eight times more amount of energy than probably every vegetable. Making it affordable and better rich in nutrients. 

Beef contains dozens of health-promoting nutrients, but just because beef can be good for you doesn’t mean you should eat steak for every meal. Eating lean beef in recommended amount with vegetables helps promote a balanced diet and lifestyle.

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