Is the Salmon Cake a Healthy Snack?

Our generation is the most informed generation of all time, which is the reason why our society is slowly progressing to making healthy food choices. A healthy snack is anything that fulfills your bodily needs of nutrients and vitamins without a negative effect on your body. Therefore, salmon is a great choice that health enthusiasts can use to keep their nutrition in check. 

The salmon cake (แซลมอน เค้ก, which is the term in Thai) is the recipe that you can enjoy with your family or munch them alone at night. Since the primary ingredient in the dish is the salmon, you can be assured about the vitamin and nutrients that you can get from this simple dish. Moreover, the salmon fulfill the needs of protein, as the salmon is 20% protein. So, if you are obsessed with lifting heavyweight in the GYM, the salmon cake can be the snack that you can munch without any guilt.  

What Makes the Salmon Cake so healthy? 

The salmon is packed with a lot of vitamins and nutrients that your body requires. Being seafood, it is obvious that salmon cake stores the healthy fatty acids that are beneficial for the heart. Therefore, you can say Salmon cakes are Healthy Fast Food. Here are the nutritional contents of Salmon Cake. 

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Fishes are the best source of Omega-3 fatty acids. The Omega-3 is the heart-healthy fatty acid that helps to lower the blood pressure. Ultimately, lower blood pressure reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. 

A single salmon cake can weigh around 100 gm. Moreover, the 100 gm of salmon cake is packed with 1.9 gm of Omega -3 fatty acid. That makes a salmon cake a healthy heart snack. 

  • Vitamin B-12

Many people lack Vitamin B-12, one of the vitamins that are hard to get through normal daily food. Vitamin B-12 is responsible for many bodily functions. One of the crucial jobs of B-12 is to breaks fat and convert it into energy. The salmon cake consists of a healthy amount of Vitamin B-12, suiting the daily requirement of your Vitamin-B12. 

  • Vitamin D

In recent times the Vitamin D is creating a lot of buzzes, as it another vitamin that is hard to get from our daily meals. Exposure to sunlight is the source of Vitamin-D, which leaves many people with Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is responsible for calcium absorption. People with Vitamin-D deficiency are at high risk of developing osteoporosis. The food sources containing Vitamin-D are very limited. 

Salmon Cake can help you to overcome your Vitamin-D deficiency, as salmon is a food source that consists of Vitamin D.