Solving The First Date Dilemma: Dinner and A Show

A first date is exciting, but it can be a little stress-inducing if you don’t know your date that well. When planning a first date with a new love interest, it’s helpful to find an activity that gives you both a terrific meal and a chance to talk. Too often, couples go on dinner and movie nights that can become boring, and they don’t present the same opportunity to talk and get to know each other well. The dinner theatre could be a better alternative to the same ole first date.

Booking Your Dinner Plans

In San Diego, residents have a great opportunity for dinner and a show, and they can set up their reservations online completely. For a date with a new person, it’s best to reserve tickets as soon as possible. The dinner theater’s website provides details about the cost of each ticket and the hours of operation. This makes it easier for patrons to plan their evenings and book the right time for the show.

An Incredible Show

If the purpose is to impress a new date, the dinner theater will not disappoint and gives the attendees a brilliant show. Presenters start with the backstory for the murder mystery and provide the first clues for the guests. As the evening gets started, the couple can review the clues and get started solving the mystery.

The Dinner Detective mystery gives attendees a new mystery each week and offers a fun night. It’s a terrific choice for a first date since it isn’t the same traditional first date, and it gives the couple something to do together. Unlike seeing a movie, the couple can talk and get to know each other better.

Saving Money on Movie Plans

With a traditional dinner and a movie date, the costs are often uncontrolled. The couple will pay the price of admission depending on when they go see the movie. Then they will want snacks, such as popcorn and candy, and everyone knows how expensive the concession snacks are at the local movie theater.

Before or after the movie, the couple will want to get dinner, and the restaurant they select determines how much they pay for each entree. If they choose dinner theater instead, they pay the price of admission and get a delicious dinner in San Diego.

Entrees, Snacks, and Beverages

At dinner, guests receive tostadas and a wonderful spring salad to start their meal. Next, they choose from four incredible entrees, starting with chicken piccolo with lemon caper sauce. To end their meal, the couple can enjoy a triple chocolate cake. The staff serves iced tea and coffee throughout the evening upon request. Guests will not pay extra for tea or coffee, and the beverages are available at any time.

A Full Evening of Fun

The dinner theater offers a full evening of fun and excitement for the couple. It’s not the same as a traditional date, and the new love interest will appreciate the effort. Too many people don’t think outside the box, and dinner theater is something new and unique.