The Ankarsrum Original Mixer Is the Perfect Holiday Gift

It’s that time of the year again; time to start your holiday gift shopping. If there is someone who loves to cook in your family and does all this cooking from scratch, starting with the original ingredients and using a blender to mix everything up, have we found the gift for you.

Ankarsrum Mixer

Ankarsrum makes a variety of blenders as well as mixers and is consider some of the best in the world. They are made by a Swedish company – and there are many to choose from. The one most popular is the Original Ankarsrum Mixer. This Mixer is a lifetime investment in the enjoyment of cooking and will help the cook in your family have superior results. While it is, so to speak, a machine, like many owners this will be a gift that your family members will come to think of as their creative companion in the kitchen. 

Excels in every way

This Original Ankarsrum Mixer excels at mixing dough that is developed perfect gluten, the type of dough that makes any baked goods fluffy, light and luscious. From a small batch or up to 9 loaves at once, this mixer is the perfect machine for bread and performs other tasks in the kitchen – superbly of course. 


This mixer includes:

  • Outstanding bowl access
  • Tremendous torque for loads that are heavy
  • Infinitely speed variability
  • Large 7.5-quart stainless steel bowl for mixing
  • Low profile to fit under cabinets that are overhead
  • Stable, low weight distribution
  • Won’t walk on the counter
  • Timer for shut off automatically
  • Wide range of highest-quality accessories
  • Exceptional kneading action

There are also several other Ankarsrum mixers and blenders. From Pasta Roller for Spaghetti to Grain and Spice mill. And all these items are currently on sale. You can find on the internet reviews of all these products as well as YouTube videos of these appliances working.