The Best Guide to Buying Grass-Fed Beef on the Market

If you are like most customers, you always want to get beautiful, healthy organic meat cuts for your dinner table. Thankfully, it does not have to be difficult. Also, you do not need to break your bank to find nice cuts of 100 percent grass-fed or organic meat. Grass-fed beef contains more antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins than grain-feed beef. Through Farm Club Meats, you can have a healthy and ethically produced meat selection without spending a fortune. When buying meat, the guidelines below will help you get a high-quality one:

Understand Cattle Diet Seasonality

While traditional beef can be fed on grain year-round, grass-fed beef tends to be in its prime when the gras-fed to it is green and rich in nutrients. Because of this, fresh meat is sold at peak seasons while the others are frozen for sale throughout the year.

Purchase Local Beef

A lot of local farmers sell their grass-fed beef directly to consumers. But, when you buy from these farmers, the beef will not have labels, so you may need to ask for details on how the animal was raised. If you prefer beef with labels, places like Farm Club Meats source their meat locally. And you can save money when you order other types of meat from the store including pork, chicken, and even fish.

Choose the Perfect Cuts

Grass-fed beef comes in a range of colours including bright red and deep mahogany-brown. Thus, colour does not necessarily indicate freshness. Grass-fed beef is leaner than traditional and has less marbling. Also, it has no brown edges and has fat that can be faintly yellow or butter yellow.

Pick a Delivery Service

The best meat delivery service practices transparency and offers high-quality products for an affordable price. By ordering with them, you avoid the hassle of going to get your meat from a grocery store or possibly wait in line. Also, the best meat delivery service eliminates the hassle of shopping from several delivery services by letting you purchase beef, along with other types of meat. If you are still not sure of which delivery service to choose, think about the frequency and volume of meat you usually buy. Also, consider the amount of space your freezer has to accommodate an incoming order. There are many meat delivery service providers you can find online but you must find the one that fits the needs of your family.