The Seven-Botanicals Gin – A Unique New Wave Gin In 2021

Drinks have been a big word in the market. People who love drinking make them feel there is something new if they hear about a new kind of drink. Whether this type of drink is a kind of gin, brandy, beer, or wine. These are common and popular types of drinks that everyone is excited to taste, especially when served in an event. Drinks have been around for decades, in which people normally served it during parties or even a small get-together party with friends. Finally, the premium tonic water is formulated and prepared with the 7 special ingredients, namely:

  • Rosemary
  • Sea salt
  • Lemon oils
  • Orange peel
  • Ginger
  • Pear
  • Grapefruit

These are the seven botanicals making the drink more special and have it smoothly.

Go for the premium mixers

Premium mixers are now becoming more crucial in both on and off-trade. Premium tonic water appeals to consumers that drink less alcohol. Premium mixers are considered international drinks. The fact that each country has its creation and formulation of drink delicacies, they must be proud of it. The tonic for mixers will create a different flavor of the drink, making it distinctive or unique. Creating a unique flavor of drinks will surprise the taste bud of the drinker that makes it unforgettable. It will create a mark in the minds and tastes of the person who tasted it. The premium spirits of the seven botanicals increased the appetite for cocktails. The premium mixers will create the spotlight of the drinks.

A perfect match for your cocktail drinks

Drinkers are always looking forward to a different and unique flavor of the drink. It can only be possible when mixed with a kind of ingredient that enhances the flavor of the drink. Whether it is a wine, brandy, whisky, or whatever drink that is possible to have a premium mix. It will perfectly create a distinct flavor making it special and perfect to serve at any event. Of course, there must be an ideal cocktail that is perfect to serve at any kind of event. The seven botanicals will be a perfect mixer for your chosen drink. These are safe and natural ingredients that create a different and unique flavor that would tempt you to take another glass of it. There is no risk of taking another flavor of drink as these mixers are all-natural and are not dangerous.

Garnishing is not just all about the food, it is also applicable to the drinks. Thus, making your cocktail attractive for the customers or drinkers is an added point. If you are a cocktail lover, premium mixers can create a unique flavor and blend that makes it different. For cocktail lovers – have a toast now with the premium mixers!