Treat Your Sweet Tooth WithJiggly Cheesecake

Japanese jiggly cheesecake is one of those cheesecakes which never go out of fashion. The cake has Japanese origin, but its popularity is not limited to Japan. The cake has fans all over the world, especially in the western world. The cake is known for its fluffy-jiggly texture and wobbliness. The cake is very popular among Americans; it just walks into almost all the desert lists.

What makes the Jiggly cheesecake amust trycheesecake?

If you are a cheese lover and you have never tried the jiggly cheesecakethen you might have missed a lot of excitement. A good dessert can bring life to even the dullest food. This Japanese cheesecake certainly falls into the list of that league of desserts. Its delicate cheesy layers, fluffy and creamy texture makes it one of the best cheesecakes available in the market. If you are someone who loves combination desserts, then this cake is just tailor-made for you. The cake is neither very sweet nor very savoury; it’s just the perfect mix of both. Westerners just love to have this cake on special events like birthdays, anniversaries and in other informal meetups.

What makes the cake jiggly?

The bakers use a very unconventional technique to give a fluffy texture. Unlike, the conventional baking process,they do not mix all eggs into the cream. They separate the eggs then whip them into the shiny meringue. Once the meringue is over, they would easily fold the melted mixture of cream, eggs, sugar, milk and flour. Meringue is the change maker here; it adds that extra wobbly texture to your jiggly cheesecake. The cake does not require any extra topping, it is just great on its own.

Bake it or take it

So many people bake the jiggly cheesecake in their homes. It’s comparatively an easy cake to make, but it requires a great deal of precise when it comes to mixing ingredients. You have to be spot on when you are mixing cream, eggs, flour and other ingredients. If you are trying the cake the first time, it will be a better option, if just order the cake.  When you get the hang of the taste and texture, you can give it a try yourself, and see where you stand.

Do not expect to get it the right first time, you will get there. The texture is a tricky thing to achieve, you will get if you keep trying.