3 Delicious Dishes You Should Try in Dubai!

Have you just arrived in Dubai? Gear up to try different awesome dishes in this specific part of the world. With focusing on exploring tourist attractions, trying food is also essential during your trip. Stop wondering about what is on your platter during a tour as you get a chance to eat Lebanese, Iranian and Arabic cuisines. It is true that it happens to be the hub of world cuisines; thus, foreign tourists find their favourite food easily in Dubai.

Whether it is any street food or a dish of any restaurant, the quality always remains unbeatable; hence, tourists particularly from the western world never hesitate to try street food.Doesn’t matter if you are not foodie but you cannot avoid awesome flavours that food in Dubai offers you. Reading this write-up is inevitable for you because it has come up with some delicious Dubai food for you.

1.    Manousheh

It is known as the local pizza and the perfect option to start off your journey of trying Dubai food. It exists among one of the specialities of Dubai so trying it is must for you.

Normally, the natives eat it in the breakfast so add this awesome food in your breakfast and make it the healthiest one. While exploring it out more, you find that it is filled with ideal toppings such as herbs, olive oil, akkawi cheese, improving its taste a lot that you cannot resist eating again and again.

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2.    Iranian Sangak

Yes, it is the ideal option for the bread lovers and very popular in Dubai. This Iranian flatbread is made of whole wheat and served either as the plain or the rectangular one. You should make sure that you never miss this integral part of Dubai food.

If you want so you can get the bread free from gluten and it is essential to know that this go-to food keeps you active while visiting different tourist sites throughout the day.

3.    Chelo Kebab

Who can dare to ignore these delicious kebabs while visiting Dubai? No one; hence, you should also get ready to try these kebabs. Keep in mind that the Butter on kebab enhances its taste more, so you should try it with rice and enjoy this fantastic food.

It is the leading non-vegetarian food in Dubai and it is famous in every part of UAE. Interestingly, it is also not the expensive one so you can try it as many times as you like in your Dubai trip.

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Above-mentioned are some worth-noticing dishes that you find while visiting Dubai. Trying them enables you to diversify your food experience, so never miss these dishes and make your trip the memorable one.