3 Tasty Ways to Entertain Your Kids at Home Food

Keeping younger kids entertained at home can be a challenge, especially when the weather isn’t ideal for outdoor play. Crafts, games and science projects are all great ways to keep your kids engaged. To mix things up and make them extra special, you can also plan a few simple food activities for some tasty fun.

Pick Up a Kit From Your Local Bakery

Whether you go to your favorite local bakery Schaumburg or just visit the baked goods section of your favorite supermarket, chances are you can find some ready-made treat decorating kits for all of the fun with none of the prep work. From cookie cakes and cupcakes to tasty sugar cookies, these kits usually come with pre-baked treats, piping bags full of colorful frosting and decorative details or sprinkles. Your kids can jump straight to their favorite part of making homemade treats: decorating and eating!

Have a Real Tea Party With All of the Trimmings

A real tea party is a great way to turn playtime into a memorable occasion. While you can certainly splurge and make or buy all of the fixings for a proper tea, you can also choose foods and snacks you already have on hand. Simply serve them in finger-food sized portions and arrange them on special platters or trays. One must-have ingredient that makes tea parties extra fun (and sweet) is real sugar cubes for your cups of tea.

Plan a Fancy Dinner at Your In-Home Restaurant

You can turn dinner into a special event by transforming your dining room into your very own fancy restaurant. Put out a beautiful tablecloth, light some candles, turn on some classy tunes and encourage your family to dress in their fanciest attire. Ask your kids if they’d rather be servers or customers, then enjoy a restaurant experience without having to leave home.

Fun with food is a great way to spend quality time with your children while keeping them entertained. Give these simple ideas a try to enjoy some delicious treats while building lasting memories.