5 Tips for Eating Away from a Keto Cafe or Restaurant

Society focuses heavily on food–think happy hours, holidays, family gatherings, and parties. If you do not want to lose out because you are on the keto diet, there are strategies to effectively handle these social circumstances and eat and drink with other partygoers. Here are a few tips on managing social situations while maintaining your ketone levels, whether you are visiting a keto cafe around Singapore or not.

#1 Happy Hour

Being on a keto diet does not exclude you from enjoying an occasional drink to unwind. The idea is to select low-carb alternatives. You should avoid tonic water and mixed drinks since they are high in sugar. Also, beers include gluten, which can be inflammatory and is heavy in carbohydrates.

#2 Brunch

Eggs with bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, steak and eggs, and omelettes are traditional brunch items that you may enjoy on a Keto diet. Stuffed mushrooms, ham and cheese breakfast roll-ups, low-carb smoothies, and low-carb morning muffins and pancakes are other delicious Keto alternatives. Meanwhile, avoid orange juice and other fruit juices due to their high sugar content, especially if you are not visiting a keto cafe around Singapore.

#3 Work Lunches

Bringing your lunch to work is the best way to maintain a clean keto diet. However, it is not the only choice when you take a lunch break with your colleagues. Go through the menu online before going out to feel less overwhelmed. You should also avoid temptation by keeping carbohydrates and grains off your plate if you are not visiting a keto restaurant or bakery around Singapore.

#4 Buffets

A buffet usually has various keto-friendly items to pick from on their menu. Remember to avoid starchy veggies like beans, potatoes and parsnips. Keep away from heavy, sugary salad dressings, too. Look for low-carb desserts such as fresh, gluten free fruit tarts or cakes from buffets around Singapore. Peanut butter pudding or sugar-free chocolate truffles are also great options.

#5 Dinner or Holiday Parties

Never hesitate to talk about your diet. However, give the host a brief call before the party if you feel at ease with them. Most hosts will be perfectly accommodating if you give them enough notice. Some hosts will happily supply you with keto desserts from your favourite Singapore keto bakery if they know you well. You can also dine before the event. It will allow you to skip the bread basket and sweet dessert. No, thank you is an appropriate response. You are not obligated to consume anything you do not want to or create excuses for yourself.

Avoid overstressing and enjoy yourself with the people you are with at the party. It is one meal, and it is alright if you do not eat 100% keto.

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