A Variety of Small Dishes at BEEF KITCHEN STAND  

Originally from Japan, a country known for being a food lover’s oasis, actress Eru Gibson shares the health benefits of eating small portions of various kinds of dishes during a single meal. As a science enthusiast, Eru has been collaborating with pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Now, she is sharing the health advantages of Japanese cuisine by promoting “BEEF KITCHEN STAND”, a bar-style eatery with locations in Tokyo and Yokohama (Kanagawa prefecture). 

“First, I want to introduce the crab cream croquette. Japanese people love croquettes. In fact, it’s one of the most popular “okazu” (side dishes) served during meals. Usually, it’s creamy inside, but crispy outside. People really enjoy this balance of textures. In addition, crab meat is rich in Vitamin B12 and protein. If you are not a meat person, but still enjoy eating crustaceans, this dish is a must try!”

Eru said, “The next menu item I really enjoyed was the Daisen chicken ajillo. Daisen chicken is raised with clean air and fresh natural underground water in Tottori Prefecture. Both the crab cream croquette and Daisen chicken represent Japanese soul food.”

If you order an all-you-can-eat course, you can eat these items as much as you want.

Planning to visit Tokyo or Yokohama? We highly recommend you try this place

You can get more information about BEEF KITCHEN STAND here (Japanese)

Eru Gibson is a science enthusiast who has written many health-related articles. As an actress portraying the criminals, she has experience working on terrorist training programs for the FBI and LAPD. Eru was interested in the cerebral physiology of performers, so she studied brain waves while attending an art university. She also likes to research the numerous health advantages of the foods she eats.

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