All you ought to know about finger foods

 Finger foods, as the name suggests, are natural to serve and eat party foods that you can pick up and pop into your mouth. It does not need a table setting and paraphernalia to eat it, such as the spoon, knife, fork, etc. Just as it is easy to digest and serve, it is easy to clean up as well. You can be happy that you treated your guests to come out of the ordinary delicious food and also feel relieved that you haven’t got to spend a long time in the kitchen cleaning up once the party is over. 

 Classic finger foods 

Finger foods are ideal items to kick start your party, especially when you have several entertainment aspects n mind such as a music recital, a dance program, a magic show, or even ballroom dance that involves the guests as well. SEving Finger foods would ensure that entertainment and snacking go side by side without any hindrance.

The most common finger foods are miniature meat pies, sausages, sandwiches, canopies, chicken wings, chicken drumsticks, Merenda, etc. Each cuisine has its own set of finger foods that are equally interesting to look at and to taste.

At, present finger food catering at Christchurch has evolved to that extent that the chefs come up with a very novel, creative, and tasty finger foods. The guests seem to love the taste that they like to feast on these finger foods. Skipping the main course or rather the absence of the main course is not considered a sin at all. 

Canapes – The all interesting finger food

 Canapes, as you might know, originated in France in the mid-1800s. It would be best if you had a piece of sliced bread without the crust. You could top this with simple things such as ham, cheese, pineapple, and cherry, or any other fancy combination you may think of. The bespoke cook one should excel in coming up with creative ideas as far as the toppings are concerned. They would ensure that even the most simple canapé made with straightforward ingredients is exceptionally pleasing to the eyes, making you wat to try it. When you try it, the complicated combination would indeed lead to an eruption of flavors that would leave you wanting more. You can trust the handiwork of Bespoke cook Christchurch to have your guests excited and wanting to know about what has been used as a topping.

 Sandwiches- is it a finger food? 

 You might not have considered a sandwich as finger food. The lunch that we seem to eat and enjoy now is believed to have evolved in Europe owing to the Earl of sandwich who demanded that his cook made something for him, which he could eat without having to stop the game of cards he was playing. Thin slice f meat placed between two pieces of bread was what the cook came up with. At present, you can hire the services of the bespoke cook Christ church for your party and be assured that he will come up with several exciting combinations of ingredients with a creamy filling making the sandwiches quite hard to resist. 

 Today you have several finger foods that are inspired by different cuisines around the world. The industry, as you know, is evolving, you can explore the wonderful world of finger foods when you hire the bespoke cook Christ church to cater to your party.