Australian Distilleries: The Top Three

There are about one hundred and twenty distilleries in Australia. They make brandy, whiskey, gin, absinthe, vodka, moonshine, and so many more. With that many, how will you know which ones to visit? If you are new to Australia, visiting an Australian distillery is a must. You will enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience you will never forget. Each distillery offers a distinct taste and flavor. Here are the top three distilleries that are worth checking out.

Bass & Flinders Distillery

This distillery produces small-batch grape-based spirits using a traditional alembic pot still. Bass & Flinders Distillery, founded in 2009, has a passion for adventure that lets them create different beverages. Their handcrafted spirits include brandies, gins, and liqueurs. It is the first distillery on the Mornington Peninsula, and also one of the first in the country. The distillery has vineyards around it making it easy for them to get grapes. They are also famous for making their very own base spirit from Shiraz or Chardonnay grapes. Visitors can create their signature gin blend, and they can reorder it at any time. After relocating, it is now at 40 Collins Road, Dromana. The winery trail will enthrall all guests who visit the beautiful premises.

Tamborine Mountain Distillery

This distillery is atop the peaceful and picturesque Gold Coast Hinterland. Tamborine Mountain Distillery is an award-winning manufacturer of several liqueurs and spirits. It has an artisanal approach, and it has several distillations. It uses an impressive range of natural ingredients and native flora to create smooth and unique flavors. The master distiller creates a superb spirit by using handmade copper pot stills. Visitors at the Tasting Room can see the exhibit of ingredients. The processes are also on the big blackboard for visitors to see. The distillery has a Museum to inform and educate the public about distilling.

Lark Distillery

Tasmania has the perfect environment for making malt whiskey. Lark Distillery is proud of the science, art, and passion that goes into its every bottle. Tasmania’s first single malt whiskey is something you should try. Visitors can go behind the scenes at Tasmania’s oldest operating distillery, and meet distillers, see the production close-up, and sample spirits. A comprehensive, half-day journey is available at 14 Davey Street, Hobart Tasmania. The visitors can witness how they make the award-winning Lark Single Malt Whiskey. It includes a tour-exclusive tasting of Lark whiskeys straight from the cask, all these while surrounded by future releases in their bond store. Remember to wear closed-toed shoes and long pants when visiting the distillery.

Most tours at distilleries will allow you to sample spirits. Avoid driving after. If you cannot avoid driving, inform your tour guide so you can maintain a safe blood alcohol content.