Benefits of broccoli and how to add it to your food

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Who does not know about the wonder-food, broccoli? You must have heard of it from your friends, colleagues, and even dieticians who suggest adding it to your diet for good health. It is low in calories and is loaded with vitamins and minerals which offer several health benefits. In recent times, broccoli sprouts powder has gained popularity as a new way to harvest the power of this amazing food. Let us know a little more about this remarkable food.


  • Benefits


While most people consider broccoli healthy food, many are unaware of its real surprising benefits. Here are some of the most convincing reasons to binge on it.

  • Help aging healthy

It is not possible to prevent aging, you can age healthy though. One way to impede health issues in an aging body is to maintain the proper functioning of body cells. Broccoli helps in achieving that and keeps your life-quality better in your older years.

  • Promote immunity

Broccoli contains components like Nrf2 and sulforaphane which are great detoxification agents and boost the self-protecting power of body cells. They destroy free radicals, increase the body’s natural protection system and prevent many diseases.

  • Support cardiovascular system

Sulforaphane in broccoli is known to promote the production of enzymes that reduce oxidative and inflammatory molecules which can damage cells. It also addresses issues that can lead to blockage of arteries due to plaque and calcification in blood vessels preventing the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

  • Boost gut health

Your gastrointestinal tract is the most crucial body system that should function properly for you to enjoy good health. Broccoli can significantly improve the functioning of the cells in this system and helps to keep optimal health.


  • Adding broccoli to your diet


Often people find broccoli boring and strive to find interesting ways to add it to their diet. Here are some ways you can do that in a way that all the nutrients of this master-food can be harvested.

  • Make a stock

Vegetable stock is an excellent way to store and use the nutrition of vegetables and their parts like leaves, stems, roots, etc that we often throw away. You can use whole broccoli stalks along with other vegetables to prepare the stock. Use this stock with other dishes like noodles, soups, etc to add nutrition to them.

  • Stir fry

You can also stir-fry broccoli stalks with other vegetables like cauliflower, bell pepper, etc. These vegetables can be taken directly or with dishes like noodles, khichdi, etc.

  • Add to your soup

You must have added vegetables like beans, peas, carrot, sweet corn, etc to your clear soup. Similarly, you can also add broccoli to it. All you need to do is to remove outgrowths from stems, chop it into small chunks and add it to your soup.

  • Make a green salad

Another popular way to add broccoli to your platter is in the form of salad. You can toss some chopped broccoli stalks to both hot and cold salads with the seasoning of your choice.

  • Raw is also good

Prepare any dip of your choice and eat broccoli stalks with it raw, just like you eat carrots. You can also grind your stalks and add them to your dip.