Best Bunn Coffee Maker For Home Owners

Who doesn’t know about the Bunn brand? Bunn coffee makers are more like the Apple iPhone of coffee makers. People like me who are coffee geeks must know the different brands of coffee makers and also know about Bunn coffee makers. This brand is very popular brand due to its versatility and cost effective coffee makers. Bunn incorporated stainless steel product for making coffee makers which is rustproof and gives best performance. Bunn uses high quality products in making coffee makers, this is the reason it’s different from other brands. If you are true coffee lovers, and know the perfect taste of coffees, and want to buy coffee maker for your home we would recommend you to go for Bunn coffee maker.

Bunn NHS Velocity Brew

When Bunn advertised this NHS Velocity coffee maker, many people were shocked and had curiosity about it, I was also one of them related to its features. People were surprised how quickly this coffee maker could make 10 cups of coffee in just few minutes. 

Bunn has included a stainless steel reservoir into this model. It brews a 10 cup carafe in just 2 minutes because of its hot plate. This coffee maker is ideal for a big family because it brews a minimum of four cups at a time. You can also brew a single cup as well. The best thing about this coffee maker is that it brews coffee shop quality coffee. Its carafe is very beautiful made of glass. Its design is so beautiful and enhances the beauty of your kitchen counter. 

Another best thing of this coffee maker is that you can fill its tank with the required cup of coffee. Its cleaning process is so easy you can unattached its parts for cleaning purpose. Bunn coffee makers are also known to be the best commercial coffee makers in fact the company originally only built coffee makers for commercial settings. They eventually decided to start building coffee makers for home use. The advantage is that you get a commercial quality coffee maker for the price of a home coffee maker. Bunn coffee makers are extremely durable so don’t worry if you drop one on the ground or anything of that sort. The parts that are used within the bunn coffee maker are made of high quality and will last for many years. 

Bunn NHS velocity is the top model out of all the models bunn manufactures. It was created for people who wanted a coffee maker that will last them forever and always brew a consistent cup of coffee. One of the advance features of the the Bunn velocity brew is that it can brew coffee with the quickest time out of all the models Bunn has introduced in the market. It is because of the speed of Bunn velocity that it has become so popular. 


In conclusion I would like to say that Bunn velocity brew coffee maker model is the number one choice of buyers around the world. In fact it’s the number one coffee maker sold in Japan for the past 3 years. If you need a long lasting coffee maker that will brew a awesome cup  of coffee every time then this is the one for you.