Buying Coffee: Where And How Much?


A good cup of coffee starts with good coffee beans.

So, where do you get good coffee beans?

Grocery stores? You can buy coffee at the grocery store; however, you will likely miss out on fresher and flavorful beans. So, unless they have a good deal with a local roaster, then skip the trip to the regular grocer. Here’s where you should buy good coffee beans instead.

  1. Local Coffee Shops

When searching for the best coffee beans, the small, independent coffee shops are the best place to start.

They can be selling their own roasted coffee beans of re-selling coffee beans they get from a local roaster. If they do not sell the coffee beans themselves, then they might be able to point you to a local roaster they get their supplies from, so you can investigate later.

  1. Local Roaster

Given the chance, buying directly from a roaster is a favorite option. Cutting out the middle man, more money goes directly to the local roaster, helping them stay in business (check this out) while you get to bring home a bag of fresh coffee beans.

In order to get the freshest beans, ask the local roaster about their roasting schedule and make plans to be there when it goes on sale.

  1. Shop Online

If you are not lucky enough to live close to a good coffee roaster or local coffee shops, then you can always go shopping online. You can even find roasters online like Nectar of Life that will deliver you a fresh batch of roasts right to your door every other week, every month, or even once a week.

So, if there is a particular roaster that you have had your eyes on, then check out their website or social media pages, contact them, and see whether or not they deliver in your area.

How Much Coffee To Buy?

It is never a great idea to buy coffee beans in bulk unless you are running a restaurant or a coffee shop. However, you also do not want to run out of energy-boosting coffee mid-week and attending a meeting you do not want to snooze through.

In order to know just how much coffee, you should buy, you need to know how much coffee you drink on a daily basis. It is good to know roughly how much coffee you drink in the average week.

In general, you can consume about 30 grams of coffee beans per 2 cups (12 ounces) of water. So, if you like to drink 10 cups of coffee per week, then you will need about 5 ounces or 150 grams of coffee beans.

From there, you can avoid overbuying coffee and allowing those coffee beans to lose their freshness or not buying enough to encounter a morning tragedy.