Common catering mistakes people do while organizing parties or wedding receptions

It does not matter whether you are organizing a lavish elaborate wedding or a small party; food is the center of every event. The variety and quality of food you offer determine the success of your event. Even if there are some flaws in other arrangements, your guests are likely to be happy if they are served good food. Hiring professional catering services in Camberwell for food is an obvious decision in the present day. Still, there are incidences where a food blunder reduces the whole event to a rubber. Here are some common mistakes people tend to commit to the food and catering department. Knowing about them would help you avoid these mistakes and have a perfect event.

  • Ignoring the season

It is very important to consider the season in which your event is happening. If it is in summers you can serve your guests ice creams, cold mocktails, and chilled beer. While a chilled beer is also preferred in winters including hot chocolate is also a good idea. A similar consideration should be made for food also. Ignoring the season can ruin the entire mood for your party.

  • Taking everyone at priority

It is obvious that you like every guest to be happy with the food. You should consider others’ choices even if it is your day so that they are not troubled with the food. However, it is important to understand that you cannot please everyone. If you start thinking about every individual’s likings and disliking you will be puzzled and would mess up everything. Consider only a few important guests and your own choice.

  • Overlooking essential preferences and allergies

Although you cannot and should not consider every single guest, you should keep in mind any major allergy issues with anyone. If you cannot avoid the allergy food completely, you should have a substitute for those guests. You should make sure that everyone gets to eat and enjoy the party equally.

  • Going overboard

Do not include too many items on the menu. This creates confusion for guests and also increases your expenses unnecessarily. Generally, the catering is divided into sections like hors d’oeuvres, main course, and dinner. Ensure that you keep a balance in all the items and do not go overboard with any one of them.

  • Not considering kids

If you are inviting kids, make sure that you have appropriate food options for them. You have to ensure that they are fed properly and at the right time. Include items that they would like and also which would be good for them. You can have dishes which are sweet or less spicy.

  • Requesting family recipes to the caterer

Most often people take their family recipe to their caterers and force them to include that on the menu. This puts unnecessary additional pressure on the chef. He/she has to try the dish once before the final attempt and also have to train the staff if needed. There is a risk that the result does not match the expectations.

  • Experimenting unnecessarily

Refrain from experimenting with food items when you are ordering for an event. Experimenting is uncertain. It can either result in an amazingly unique and great dish or can be devastated. So, to avoid any risk and hustle, you should try to go with the tested and tasted dishes and beverages only.