Easy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Easy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but for kids it can be hard to get them out of bed. We’ve found some easy breakfast recipes for kids that will make your all day breakfast sunrise fl more enjoyable!

Breakfast drinks:

1. Breakfast Smoothie

A healthy breakfast smoothie can be the perfect way to start your day. Blend frozen berries, banana, yogurt and milk or juice for a pick-me-up blended beverage full of potassium and calcium. You will get a hearty breakfast in an instant!

2. Healthy drink milk

You can add healthy drink powders available in your milk. The way to make it is extremely simple. We have taken this from Horlicks’s recipe page. They have recipes for each of their products but in general:

Heat milk till it’s almost boiling. Add the Horlick powder to a glass/mug and add the hot milk slowly, continuously stirring it until all powder is dissolved completely. Do not boil for long, because otherwise, it will curdle and won’t taste good at all.

3. Homemade fruit juices

If you have a heavy breakfast, add fresh fruit juice to the menu. You can prepare drinks with all the necessary ingredients at home. Buy fresh fruits and make your kid’s favorite drink directly from them!

4. Coconut water:

Coconut water is an excellent substitute for those who skip the water in the morning or do not want to feed it to their children. Add some lime or grapefruit juice and make a glass of it for yourself!

Indian breakfast idea:

1. Omelet with Tomatoes and Cheese

Omelets are a great way to start your day because they contain many of our favorite foods: eggs, cheese and even vegetables if you add them! Try adding tomatoes or spinach next time you make an omelet and see how much everyone likes it!

2. Aloo Paratha Wraps

Parathas are Indian breads that make great wraps for all kinds of fillings and toppings. You can use plain cooked potatoes as the filling if you like, but why not try my recipe for aloo paratha wraps to add some authentic Indian flavor?

3. Upma

Upma is a delicious breakfast from South India. It’s basically rice cooked in milk until it becomes soft and creamy. You can add vegetables or any other type of small cracker to up the protein content of this dish!

4. Poha

It is a very popular traditional breakfast dish in Western India. It can be made quickly and easily either by frying well-pressed rice flakes or by steaming the same

5. Idli

They’re made of rice and lentil batters that you steam, then serve with sambhar (lentil curry) and chutney. You can add some vegetables to the batter to make them healthier too!

6. Veg sandwich recipe

Sandwiches are a common breakfast choice for many different cultures, and they are super easy to make. Try adding a little cheese or avocado for some healthy fats!

7. Paratha

Parathas are kind of like Indian flatbreads that can be stuffed with all kinds of delicious fillings. My recipe for aloo paratha upma is a great way to change up your morning routine!

8. Uthappam

Uthappams are similar to dosa. They’re a rice-based crepe made with different spices, but you can fill them up with all kinds of veges f you like! They’re great for breakfast or a quick snack.

9. Chilla (Omelets in Puff)

Chillas are basically Indian-style omelets that are made with potatoes and peas, but you can add any stuffing you like! They make for a delicious way to start your day, especially with some chutney on the side.

10. Dosa

Now, you all know about dosas, but did you know that they’re actually a type of pancake? They can be filled with all sorts of different veggies and spices to add some variety to your breakfast choices.

11. Aloo Tikki Recipe

Aloo tikki or potato tikki are a great addition to any breakfast menu. They’re also delicious as a snack! All you need is some mashed potatoes, finely chopped veggies and paneer or tofu for the perfect vegan dish.

Western breakfast idea:

1. Cornflakes

It’s the easiest way to make children consume milk. You can get many types of cornflakes in the market with different flavors and more.

2. Pancakes with Strawberry Syrup

Strawberry syrup is always a great choice when serving pancakes. This tasty syrup is very easy to make and can be made ahead of time, so you have it on hand whenever you want it. All you need are a few simple ingredients like cornstarch, water, sugar, and fresh strawberries. Mix the first 3 ingredients together with your wooden spoon or fork in a pot on medium heat until thick. Chop the strawberries add to your mixture and simmer for 5 more minutes. Remove from heat and store in a sealed container in the refrigerator.

3. Oatmeal with Fresh Fruit

Oatmeal is a staple on many kids’ breakfast menus, which makes it easy to get them excited about their morning meal! Give them options like dried fruit, nuts or honey for an even tastier and healthier start to their day.

The recipes in this blog post are easy to make, healthy and perfect for kids. Give them a try today!