HiLite 1 Pack Adjustable Neck Three Pockets Bib Apron – Wrinkle Resistant Unisex – 822P3A

This classy apron is the perfect value addition you need for your restaurant staff. The use of an apron not just sets uniform attire for your staff, but also comes with many functional advantages. They keep your inner clothes from being soiled by dust, dirt, cooking oil, food spills, debris during cleaning. These act like a protective layer to keep you worry-free and focus on your work. There is also the safety of your staff and customers. Cloths your chef and waiters wear outside the premises are in constant contact with dust, germs, stray hair. The last thing you need is for your food to come in contact with these foreign objects. 


The Purpose

This three pockets bib apron is like a one-stop-shop for comfort and usage. Apart from keeping spills away and protecting the staff from debris, they solve many functional problems. The three pockets are places at very easy access, so your staff does not have to go searching for the bill books and menus. This also enables them to do faster service as they can get their hands free. The apron also sets your wait-staff apart from the patrons of the eatery. 


This stylish apron has a great fit and makes your staff look like they are dressed for the occasion. Their poly-cotton design keeps them free from wrinkles so your staff always looks sharp even after a long work shift. These three pockets bib apron comes in beautiful colors like black, green, blue, white and red. Find the one that fits best with the decor of your space. The color of the fabric ties matches the color of the apron so they don’t look cheap. 



  1. Comfortable access to three pockets 
  2. Adjustable strap and neckties. 
  3. Durable design tacked with bars at all stress points. 
  4. Machine wash friendly. 
  5. Economical pricing. 


The three pockets bib apron is better than its competitors because. 

  1. Easy to use and does not need special changing rooms. 
  2. Long design for full-body protection. 
  3. Unisex design to give flexible reuse for restaurant owners. 
  4. Wrinkle-Resistant design for a crisp look all day, every day.