How many types of crab meat grades are there?

Rather than buying a whole lot of crab, people are now buying canned crab meat. Why? Because it is easy to make. There is no hassle of segregation and washing and picking. The cooking process becomes easier and faster. That is why people prefer to buy canned crab meat rather the fresh crabs. Fresh crabs taste better, but they require a lot of effort. 

There are several types of crab meat you can buy. But primarily blue swimmer crab meat is one of the most popular ones. A & T trading is one of the best suppliers of blue swimmer crab meat. It offers various grades of crab meat.

 There are various grades of crab meat. Those who cook seafood for the first time, or crab for the first-time face confusion about the crab meat grades. Here is a guide to help them out. 

Colossal and Jumbo Lumps

These types of crab meat come from the meat that connects to swimmer fins. Now, There are not more than two such muscles in crab, and that’s why it is extremely rare. And rare also means expensive. Colossal lumps are from the bigger crabs and are a tad bit pricey, and one pound can cost up to 50 dollars. 

Whereas Jumbo lumps are the meat from the swimmer fins is coming from smaller crabs. Jumbo lump meat is delicate that’s why jumbo lump isn’t suitable to make crab cakes.  Moreover, it is quite expensive to make cakes. It is better to taste it with butter sauce, than making cakes out of it. 

Claw Crabmeat 

Claw Crabmeat comes from the claw. It is the cheapest of all the grades of crab meat. But it is also the most flavorful. The crab taste sticks even after a lot of seasoning. That’s why crab meat of this category comes handy in making soups.

The spices and flavoring do not overpower the crab taste. It is also different from other grades of crab meats in the form of color. Claw crab meat is pinkish-brown rather than white. It looks attractive when served on the plate. 

Special Crabmeat

Like the jumbo lumps, it is also hard to find the grade of special crab-meat. Special crab meat comes is derived fromcavities of thecrab’s body. It is flaky and white in color, but it has a delicate flavor. Because of which for crab cakes you can’t use special crabmeat.

However, special meat dishes are, where the color of the meat and the delicate flavor stands out like dips, mayo-based salads, omelets, and bisques. Special crabmeat is better used in dishes where excess seasoning or spices do not overpower the meat. Or else it will lose the delicate taste. 

Those who cook crab meat for the first-time face confusion about what type of crab meat to buy. But choose the grade which suits your dish. If you want to make crab cakes, use the claw crab meat if you’re going to make a tasty bisque then use the special crabmeat. Having basic knowledge about crabmeat grades is crucial before diving into making a dish.