How to Deal with Problematic Young Wait Staff?

A difficult employee can sometimes cause a lot of trouble for managers. They can disrupt the work environment and lower the morale of the rest of the staff. To avoid this, you need to handle problematic people in a quick and calm manner by fulfilling the responsibilities of a manager. Usually, younger staffs are more prone to outbursts and aggression.

Tips to handle a difficult employee

You should not let the customers see questionable behaviors by the staff as it might scare them away so don’t use them for a wedding party, or birthday parties. The following are some helpful techniques that can come to use when handling a problematic employee.

  • Address the problem 

Ignoring or overlooking the problem will not work, and instead it might escalate. Being a good manager means listening to the problems of all your employees, so a small talk taking interest in their life can help solve the problem.

  • Document everything

It is important to document the behavior of the employees you are worried about so that you can specifically point it out to them. You can check on them and try to look for signs of substance abuse, or changed behavior. All the inappropriate behaviors must be documented with date and time to use as evidence.

  • Have a private conversation

You can have a private chat with your problematic employees to understand their situation and feelings. Their actions could be a reaction to something bad that happened in their work or personal life. Just talking to them will make them feel important and helps in resolving the issue.

  • Monitor progress and follow-up

After hosting a private conversation, you can monitor their progress in their work behavior. This helps you keep them in check and they will also feel supported by their manager.


It can be tricky to deal with problematic staff and especially younger staff. In situations like this, you must keep your calm and understand them. The above tips can be of use while dealing with such issues.