If You Are A Die-Hard Foodie You Can’t Miss Out On These Best Asian Desserts.

We need food for a living. But gastronomes have their own theory, that’s ‘living for food’. They never miss an opportunity to try out different cuisines. And why not, different foods have their own beautiful taste that can compel us to lick our fingers and crave for more. Moreover, journey to a place is incomplete without having savour of the regional dishes. And one can always have space for desserts, especially when they’ve just the perfect blend of sweetness and savour. So, if you’re on a tour to Asia, these are ten out of some best asian desserts which you should definitely not miss out having a taste.

Chinese Red Bean Pancakes, China

You can literally enjoy sunset from the ‘Great wall of China’ enjoying this warm, velvety red bean paste enveloped in a crispy golden crepe. A must-have dish if you’re on a visit to China from any authentic Chinese restaurant.

Bua Loy (Glutinous Rice Balls in Coconut Milk), Thailand

Thailand is the best romantic destinations one can explore. From the luring beaches to astonishing caves, everything attracts people to visit and have some of the most memorable moments of their life. Bua Loy translated to ‘floating Lotus’ is a Thai dish, as beautiful as its name. It is a traditional Thai soupy dessert with bright orange and green balls intermingling and floating in a sea of white coconut milk. Enjoy savouring your sweet tooth with this traditional dish.

Es-Teler, Indonesia

Icy cocktail of avocado, jackfruit and coconut is a perfect refreshing Indonesian dessert to have on a hot day.

Ube Mochi, Japan

A visit to Japan is worthless if you didn’t taste rice-balls. Ube Mochi is a traditional rice cake, typically steamed and pounded profoundly to give a sticky consistency. Try this chewy delight with some purple jam twist.

Mango Sago Pomelo Dessert, Hong Kong 

Hong Kong is famous for travel and shopping. Temples in this city is a huge tourist attraction. But after an exhausting day, roaming around the city, this traditional dessert, invented in Hong Kong itself will definitely give your burning throat some chill. This dessert is prepared with mango pulp, creamy coconut milk, evaporated milk, sago and citrusy pulp of pomelo. Mango lovers, this is definitely for you.

Though, there’s no end to dishes all around the world. One can spend their whole life exploring and savouring the varieties of food items yet can’t get all of them. But these were some of the desserts you must try to dissolve sweetness to your trips.