Organising a Candyland-Themed Birthday Party

It takes a lot of creativity to throw a kids party, which is why theme parties are so popular! For little ones, a Candyland-themed party is one of the most popular themes as it involves one thing that many kids are crazy about—sweets and candy. With enough time and people to help you, you can set up a memorable Candyland-themed party your young one will surely love. In addition, you must not forget to buy some Anglo Bubbly wholesale sweets—they’ll be perfect as game prizes or party souvenirs.

Here then are some tips on how to set up a Candyland-themed event:


A Candyland party atmosphere can be enhanced by balloons that look like hard candy. You can choose to scatter them around the venue or make lollipops from them by attaching them on long white sticks. As a finishing touch, tie a large bow or ribbon.

Make unique centrepieces by filling clear glass vases with colourful candies and sticking floral-shaped lollipops inside. You can create unique designs by using different candies in the vases. With pieces of construction paper or coloured foam, you can make your home look like it is on the road to Candyland. This will give the illusion they are in Candyland.

Choose confetti with shimmering and eye-catching colours. Confetti can also be sprinkled on tables and around the venue. This is a unique and effective way to make your Candyland party magical.

Party Favours

You can give each guest your very own mini goodie bag filled with delicious candy. An interactive gift option is a candy-themed slime. You can also opt for swirly lollipops as favours, and you can let your guests experience the magic at home. Stickers with your personalised message can be added to the favours.

Make personalised chocolate bars that are engraved with the name of each guest. Wrap each bar individually with a cellophane wrap and attach colourful ribbons or bows. Distribute gift cards to the local sweets/ice cream shop. Each card should be personalised if possible.


You can have a buffet complete with candy and chocolates. You can offer all types of sweets in jars and platters as well as bowls with scoops. A vintage-style, striped awning will cover the buffet. Handwrite labels for each candy item, and remember to include a chocolate fountain.

You can also create delectable milkshakes (in miniature cups) using popular candy bars. These recipes can be found online and usually take less than five minutes to make. Edible glitters can be used to give ordinary drinks a sparkly sparkle! Mix them into your favourite beverage.

Use food colouring on vanilla or strawberry cakes to make them look more colourful. You can also shape them into a giant piece of candy by using a large number of chocolate bars or lollipops. You can also top your cake with delicious candies.

You can also host an ice cream buffet. These beautiful ice cream cups can be used to scoop out everyone’s favourite frozen treats, preferably candy-related flavours like Anglo Bubbly wholesale bubblegum or peanut butter cup swirl. Don’t forget to top them with candy.