Planning A Conference? No Problem!

Being tasked with planning your company’s next conference or workshop can both be daunting and exciting. So why not feel that way because it is a chance to show off your organisational and leadership skills as well as impress the bosses when everything is a success. However, if the day does not pan out as well as you’d like, then all eyes will be on you. To avoid such an embarrassing occurrence, we will help know where to start and what you need to end up all smiles by the end of it. Here are a few tips that will benefit you immensely!

Select A Theme

A theme for the conference is a fantastic way to tie everything together. The best way to decide on a theme is to focus on what the primary purpose of the meeting is all about what direction it will take and what do you want each person attending the event to learn. It could be about working as a team, being much more efficient with time or just having fun. Deciding on a theme early on will allow you to create posters, branding and promotional material for the event. Either way, the theme must be catchy and trigger an emotional response.

Give Yourself Time To Plan

To plan a conference, give yourself at least three to six months, depending on the size of the event and whether it is a day meeting or an overnight stay. The timing will depend on the conference venue that you want to hire and the speakers you want to book. Getting the speakers and venue sorted out earlier will allow you enough time to meet with suppliers that will assist in efficiently executing the event. Being available for meetings with suppliers will ensure that you are not disappointed on the day.

Set A Budget And Stick To It

No matter the amount of money the bosses have given you to plan the conference, they still expect to know what the money was spent on. It would impress them even further if you made the event happen while remaining under budget. Setting one will provide you with a complete view of what you will need for the conference, making things proceed much smoothly. Understanding what to put your attention on can give you perspective on where you need to make cuts and what departments need more funding. If there is an opportunity, you can negotiate prices with the service providers. The vital facets to focus on will be on conference venues in Johannesburg, accommodation, catering, transportation, speaker fee, activities and promotional material.

Choose A Venue

There are plenty of considerations to go through when deciding on the venue. The size of the venue needs to accommodate the number of colleagues that will be participating so they are not squashed in a small room. The location is important to make it easier on everyone to get there. It must be close to transportation routes such as airports, trains, taxis and buses. The venue must also be equipped with areas that allow for private dinners and break-aways during the day. If the venue provides catering, you will need to organise with it and provide dietary requirements to keep all the delegates happy and fed. The venue should also have the correct audio and visuals equipment such as mics, speakers and projection screens, as well as internet access and charging ports. This will reduce the strain on your budget if the venue has these equipment available.

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