Practical recommendations to buy cheese the right way

When buying cheese, it is not enough to choose the prettiest piece on the shelf. As is the case with vegetables, fruits and other foods, cheeses also need to be purchased following some special care, as only then will you be able to take home the best product to taste. Want to know how to buy cheese?

Why you need attention?

Buying cheese is a gesture that requires special attention, so it cannot be done anyway. Cheeses have peculiarities and not all of them can be purchased without taking some factors into account. Made for different occasions, cheeses are present at various times in our lives, so knowing some details is essential before taking them home. Amidst several options, you can make small mistakes and even compromise your tasting simply because you don’t know some crucial information.

Know where to buy cheese

There are several places you can buy cheese, but not all of them are a good choice. Therefore, it is important to know the origins of the product, even if you are shopping at a gourmet specialty store or a website that sells cheese online. Before you buy cheese online, read online reviews, see customer feedback, and product variations.

If buying soft cheese with moldy texture

This type of cheese needs to meet some requirements regarding its appearance – it needs to be young, cannot contain cracks, the mold needs to be uniform in color, and the flavor should be smooth.

If you buy cured cheese

If the cheese has cracks, don’t buy it. In this particular case, cracking is not just a matter of aesthetics. On the contrary, it can cause infiltrations or other molds that affect the characteristics of the cheese, and obviously, its taste.

If you buy half-cure cheese

When buying this type of cheese, be able to distinguish its characteristics. In other words, semi-cured cheese is a state, a time of maturation and not exactly a typical mozzarella cheese.

If you buy blue cheeses

The blue cheeses are considered the most demanding, so the time to buy them is no different. First of all, try it, as there are several types and, despite the similarity in appearance, these cheeses offer different flavors to the palate. Another important detail, always pay attention to the color of the mold and take home a cheese with greenish molds.

Never take the whole cheese in your hand

The hands can be an inexhaustible source of bacteria. Besides, taking the whole cheese in your hand is an unpleasant gesture. To make matters worse, some people have the bad habit of sniffing all the cheese to decide whether to buy a piece. We recommend that you always ask to cut a piece so you can smell and even taste the cheese.

Buy less and taste more

Always buy smaller amounts of cheese, so you’ll have more chances to buy new types and try more flavors again. Moldy, handcrafted, cured, and creamy: there are so many options. To please all tastes, cheeses can be great choices to accompany a wine, to form a perfect match with toast, bread, biscuits and much more.