Retain the Right Smoky Flavor in Food with Kamado Joe Ceramic Grills

BBQs 2U is one of the leading retailers in barbecues and grills in the UK. The company is fast gaining popularity amongst people with its Kamado Joe barbecue ranges. 

People on a tight budget can choose from the Kamado Joe bundle UK stores that come with barbecue accessories that can enhance the grilling experience. The company has been in business for over 12 years. Their efficient customer support is always on standby to answer any type of queries about their products. 

One of their most popular products is the Kamado Joe barbecue range. These come in 4 different models – Big Joe, Classic, Jnr, and Kettle. 

The Kamado Joe – Big Joe comes in two different variants Big Joe II and III. Big Joe II is a versatile 24” ceramic cooking grill suitable for large gatherings. This comes with a 2-tier Divide and Conquer cooking system that can cook food at different temperatures. An expanded cooking space makes it easier to cook different types of food simultaneously. 

The Kamado Joe – Big Joe III is an enhanced version of its Big Joe II with the same standard features. The only added features are that it comes with a SloRoller which is a hyperbolic smoking chamber that can add more smoked flavor to food and at the same time reduce hot spots on cooking surfaces. 

The Big Joe III comes with a 3-tier Divide and Conquer cooking system when compared to the 2-tier system in the Big Joe II version. The charcoal basket and grill cart come standard with Big Joe III, but customers need to buy separately for the Big Joe II versions. 

BBQs 2U also offers Kamado Joe bundle deals wherein customers can purchase Kamado ceramic grills along with accessories at discounted prices. The Classic III version offers bundles such as DoJoe & JoeTisserie Rotisserie. DoJoe can easily transform the Kamado grill into a fully functional classic pizza oven, whereas the Rotisserie cooks meat to perfection with its adjustable spit rods and forks. 

The most popular series in the Kamado Joe range offered by BBQs 2U is their Kamado Joe Classic II and III. The Classic II version comes with a Kontrol Tower Top Vent that helps maintain the right temperature and airflow. The Air Lift Hinge makes it easier to lift the grill and the fiberglass wire mesh gasket seal ensures that the food stays warm with its air-tight seal. 

The Classic III version is the upgraded version of the Classic II. It comes with a heavy-duty cart and a new shelf for extra storage. It also accommodates better cooking area space due to its elongated shape. Like Big Joe III, this also comes with SloRoller hyperbolic chamber inserts and a 3-tier Divide and Conquer cooking system.

Customers looking to take barbecue grills for quick getaways can look at the portable Kamado Joe Junior that comes with thick ceramic walls to retain heat. Another latest addition to the Kamado family is the Kamado Joe Kettle that takes kettle barbequing to a completely new level. It features folding side shelves, an ash drawer for easy cleaning, and a temperature gauge to cook food at high or low temperatures. 

BBQs 2U sells good barbecue ranges without compromising on quality. Customer satisfaction is their utmost priority and ensures to live up to their expectations. They regularly tweet about new products onto their Twitter handle wherein customers can follow and get live updates on new product releases.