The best eggless recipes to try this season

Vegetarians, rejoice! You don’t need to use egg to whip up a delicious fruit concoction, or cake, or even jelly. Read on to know more.

Condensed milk is a versatile ingredient to have in the kitchen. You can add it to practically anything for a sweet twist – top your bread with it, or add it to kheer, cakes and whatever else you can think of. But did you know that condensed milk recipes do away with eggs in many traditional dessert preparations?

If you are a vegetarian who is not too keen to add egg to your favourite desserts, then you should try simple condensed milk preparations instead, such as –

* Black forest cake. Did you know that you can create a dense and moist black forest cake using a no-fuss condensed milk recipe from Milkmaid? Bakers believe that eggs add the required frothiness to the cake batter, thus helping the cake rise more and make it spongier. Just try the condensed milk recipe for black forest cake instead of the complicated traditional recipe you are bound to find on other cooking sites – you will wonder why you need to use eggs in any cake recipe, because this one is creamy, spongy and full of yum!

* Rice dessert. Most Indian rice dessert recipes depend on reducing milk to impart the required creaminess and depth of flavour in the dessert. They often do not employ eggs as an ingredient, but some recipes for kheer and rice desserts may. But Milkmaid’s condensed milk recipe for rice dessert using coconut and mango does not need eggs at all, since the end result is packed with flavour without the gooey texture that eggs impart to Indian desserts.

* Jelly pudding. Jelly without eggs? How is that even possible, you might ask. It is possible with a good recipe that adds all the essentials, including sugar and gelatin, and then packs in a healthy dose of condensed milk for a sweet punch.

* Carrot dessert. Adding egg to carrot halwa or a crumble might seem like a surprising choice to make, but it certainly makes the dish even more tasty. But as a vegetarian, you can rightly oppose the addition of egg to the recipe, and we support your decision by offering you a variation where you add condensed milk and create a sumptuous carrot dessert that melts in the mouth. Who needs eggs, right?

* Apple crumble. Apple crumble relies on egg to get its melt-in-the-mouth, light texture. The ideal apple crumble is supposed to be light enough to start melting on contact with the tongue. If you’re a fan of this classic English dessert, try replacing your usual recipe with a condensed milk recipe – and you will never go back to the other!