Tips for Hiring Food Trucks in North Carolina to Cater Your Corporate Party

Food trucks have gained popularity as a convenient way of catering to guests at corporate events in North Carolina. They offer a variety of cuisines and can be set up and dismantled quickly.

Trained and experienced chefs, who have worked for considerable periods of time in traditional eateries, are the main owners of businesses of NC food trucks. Below are some tips if you are thinking of calling in a food truck for your corporate party.

1) The below are four popular catering trucks in NC:

  • American Meltdown
  • China Chirba Dumpling
  • Pie Pushers
  • Sympathy for the Deli

All of the above are full-service caterers. This means that they come with a variety of food options that may not be available on their truck menus. This holds for many NC food trucks. “Sympathy for the Deli” for example, roasts entire hogs to cater for corporate events or reception meals. So the apparent rule of thumb here is that if your event is primarily an ‘eating’ one, you should consider one food truck for every 200-300 guests. But if your event is different, one truck for every 400-500 guests will suffice.

2) Many regulations are in force for food truck operators, particularly when they are catering to private events. If you are the event organizer, you should check to see that they have permits, licenses, and insurance and that they abide by health and safety regulations. You should ideally pick a food truck catering NC who is skilled at handling special events and know the ‘paperwork’ well.

3) As an event organizer, you may be tempted to hire quite a few trucks for your event. However, this is an expensive option. If a food truck takes an order for an event, it is usually doing so by discarding another option elsewhere and this makes them set up “catering minimums”. These minimums can change each day or each season. So, you should talk to the truck owner to know this in advance and give them accurate estimates of the number of people who will be attending.