Want to get ready for a party? We are here to help!

We usually see people getting very nervous and tempted when it comes to arranging a party. What meals to prepare, what time to call everyone and from whom to ask help- are the questions that arise in the mind. Take a deep breath, get yourself seated in the sofa and take a chill pill as we are here. Johnny’s Pizza not only help you vanish your craving for pizzas but also provide catering services. What do you need for a occasion? Just give us a call and enjoy the party you have organized. We provide with all the unique and best food that satisfies every individual.

Here the menu and the types are being mentioned. Every option is available whenever you need them, and yes we are just an e-mail/ call away.

Gourmet Salads

The main salads that is provided and served by Johnny’s pizza restaurant in Apex are:

  • House salad: this consists of romaine, cucumber, Roma tomato, red onion and iceberg.
  • Greek salad: contains the delicious black olive, feta cheese, romaine, iceberg, roma tomato, red onion as well as cucumber.
  • Caesar salad: this contains croutions, romaine, iceberg and parmesan cheese.
  • Antipasto salad: parmesan, ham, black olive, roma tomato, provolone, salami and romaine are added to this.
  • Fried chicken salad: breaded chicken, red onion, cucumber and icecerg give the flavour to this dish.
  • Buffalo bleu salad: bleu crumbles cheese along withbuffalo chicken and romaine brings out the actual taste of the food.
  • Buffalo shrimp salad: salad made of fried bufflo pieces , cheese, romaine and iceberg
  • Johnny’s salad: crispy bacon, gorgonzola and iceberg are enough to attract the taste buds.
  • Katie’s caprese salad: fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, romaine and iceberg are included in the Katie’s caprese salad.
  • Grilled chicken salad: Contains red onion, cucumber, roma tomato and the delicious garlic chicken.

The list of hot subs:

  • Italian sub
  • Ham and provolone
  • Grilled chicken sub
  • Turkey and provolone
  • Johnny’s club sub
  • Chicken parmesan sub
  • Veggie sub
  • Eggplant parmesan sub
  • Shrimp parmesan sub
  • Chicken philly sub
  • Philly cheesesteak sub
  • Sausage pepper onion sub
  • Chicken bacon ranch sub

Where would you get such a wide variety of food? Yes, nowhere other than @johnnyspizzanc. More than a hundred recopies are provided by us. Creativity and innovation is our pledge. We want to serve people with all the best qualities and freshness we have.