What You Need To Know About Buffet Food Safety

Buffets have always been a popular choice with consumers looking to enjoy a custom meal with endless options. After all, buffets often offer a large variety of options that can be tailored to each individual’s tastes at a great price. Their many advantages are great for business, too. Before you hit up the local buffet, it’s important to keep some food safety tips in mind.

Know Sneeze Guard Etiquette

A quality hot food merchandiser can provide a sneeze guard – a protective layer of glass – that shields the food on the buffet. Since the sneeze guard is intended to keep the stations sanitary, you should look through it as you serve your food, but avoid putting your head or other body parts under it. That way, you’ll avoid spreading germs to other customers.

Wash Your Hands After Arriving

One of the easiest ways you can practice food safety at the buffet is to be sure your hands are clean. The simplest course of action is to go to the bathroom and wash your hands right after arriving at the restaurant. Be sure to follow the CDC guidelines and wash with warm water and soap for 20 seconds. You’ll be back at the buffet before you know it!

Take What You Touch

If you’ve already touched a food, taking it back to your table is both the courteous and the safe thing to do. Additionally, to ensure you don’t accidentally spread germs, be sure to only serve yourself with the utensil provided for each individual food item. Finally, be sure to take a clean plate every time you go up for another round of delicious food.

Buffets are a wonderful way to get the family together and enjoy a great meal without having to worry about picky eaters or high costs. By following these simple guidelines, you can help keep buffets safe and sanitary for all to enjoy.