What You Need To Know About Corporate Catering

When catering for an event, you have a lot to consider. Not every type of event has the same sort of menu and way it is served. As a key example, awaiting will often have a sit down meal with three or four courses and then a buffet dinner in the evening for guests only attending the reception afterwards. 

This sort of menu would not be suitable for a school dinner, as that again needs its own specially tailored food selection and an alternative way of serving the food to all the children. 

This same applies to corporate events. When playing a social get together or a charity fundraiser for example, there is a lot to consider in regards to which foods should be served. Although corporates events usually revolve around a premium buffet selection or an indulgent sit down meal, there are still some differences which have to be considered before making a final decision. 

Different types of corporate catering

Simply looking for a ricette barbecue online through your go to search engine may not give you the exact answers you are looking for.

It will certainly help you get started but here’s some extra guidance on the different types of catering which are often found in the corporate sector.


Corporate lunches are often key opportunities to motivate your team throughout the working week. A happy team will always work harder and produce better work so why not make investments in them?

Ideal lunches include power foods which are known to give nutrients to the brain, hence enabling even more better work from the team who work for you.

Product launches

A different captive audience who can make a huge difference to the success of your business. During product launches you want to make a great impression but you also want a constant flow of visitors to get your sales up.

Providing small nibbles which are tasty and inviting will entice people to come to your product launch, and also keep them busy long enough for you to deliver your spiel about the latest products being added to your line.

Corporate picnics

A morale boosting piece of genius, corporate picnics are a great way to get your team interacting in a relaxed atmosphere while also building relationships for enhanced business performance.

There are many ways of conducting a corporate picnic, one of which is to invite employees and their families to a barbeque. This type of catering is highly popular among all ages and creates a social scene unrivalled by any other social get together. 

In addition to the standard meat options usually found at a barbeque, there’s plenty of opportunities to offer food for other diets like vegetarian alternatives and other foods which are free from certain food groups. 

Catering towards the different diet groups will not only look great and boost respect for management, it will also enhance morale in the team as it shows you care about them.