3 Quick and Healthy Evening Snacks for Kids

Evening hunger pangs are encountered by growing and active kids. Children always tend to look forward to delicious, interesting, and inviting evening snacks. Evening snacks for kids, if prepared rightfully can render an instant dose of energy that helps them survive long-duration of activities throughout the day. Plain simple milk, biscuits, and or packaged foods from the supermarket might falter in satiating the nutritional requirements of your children.

If we talk about the long-term health of your kids, you must always rely on healthy evening snacks for kids that are miles apart from unhealthy foods.

Carrot Cakes

The goodness of carrots and the nutritional benefits of nuts together contribute to making Carrot Cake the best choice of snacks for your kids. Carrot cakes are usually prepared from whole wheat. The lip-smacking delicacy is made without eggs and tastes divine. The deliciousness of the cake will allow your kid to crave more. And this is one of those healthy evening snacks for kids that would go a long way in adding to the growth of your child, thanks to the nutrients from the carrots and the whole-wheat which lends a rich taste and is quite tempting.

Broccoli Cutlet

Do your kids dislike vegetables? Well, stop worrying about it. Rich in nutritional value, the Broccoli cutlets taste delicious as well. It is a thrilling delicacy for the kids. You can serve the Broccoli cutlets snacks for kids with a mild serving of tomato ketchup and or green chutney, whichever way your child likes. This calorie-based snack will contribute to the overall nutritional intake of your child, besides keeping them active and happy throughout the day.

Fruit Custard

The dated fruit custard that ups everybody’s cravings are every child’s favorite. A brilliant way to make sure that your child consumes all the fruits is through a tasty bowl of custard. And the taste of this amazing snack is beyond delicious. You can try making this recipe anytime you like, considering how easy it is. Serve this snack sans making any delay. The taste of the custard will be enhanced naturally, the moment you add freshly-cut fruits to it too.

Kids love indulging in evening snacks, right after they return from the playground or coaching. From a handful of quick Bajra Cookies to yummy Banana Sandwich and from Oat Banana Muffins to Sooji Toast and more, there are ample healthy evening snacks for kids that you make sans much hassle.