3 Ways to Help a Friend Going Through a Hard Time, Food Dinner

Life is full of both happy and sad moments, and celebrating with the people you care about in good times and offering support in bad times are both important parts of being a good friend. If you know someone who is struggling, read on for a few ways to reach out.

Treat Him or Her to Dinner

Everyone needs to eat, but during times of extreme grief or stress, food is often the last thing on one’s mind. If you are an avid cook, making a meal, packaging it and dropping it off at a friend’s house is a very kind and thoughtful thing to do. If not, you could send a gift card for pizza Albany NY or one of your friend’s favorite restaurants.

Offer a Listening Ear

Everyone handles difficult life events differently: some people appreciate the chance to discuss all of their feelings with their loved ones, while others are not comfortable talking and prefer to keep to themselves. Even if your friend does not want to talk, offering him or her the chance will go a long way. It will mean a lot to him or her to know that you care.

Lighten His or Her Load

If you have the time and inclination, taking on everyday tasks for your friend, such as picking up dry cleaning or grocery shopping, may be a good way to help. Ask, of course, before taking such a step. If your friend is in the midst of dealing with logistics such as planning a funeral, an extra hand could be just what he or she needs.

Unfortunately, those who deal with difficult or traumatic situations sometimes find that their friends become distant, possibly because they do not know what to say and are afraid of saying the wrong thing. If you know someone who is struggling, do your best to be there for him or her.