Extra virgin olive oil helps in lowering the blood glucose 

When you will visit the market, you will find a lot of varieties of fats. But olive oil is a natural fat that could maintain your health very well by reducing blood cholesterol and blood glucose level other than any other kind of fats. 

As it is explained earlier that people love to have a Mediterranean diet and olive oil is the major part of the Mediterranean diet. Several other health benefits are also reported with using olive oil. 

How extra virgin olive oil helps in lowering the blood pressure? 

Olive oil surely helps you to reduce the blood cholesterol level and the negative effects of glucose on your body. You can prepare a delicious Mediterranean lunch or dinner with olive oil. In a Mediterranean lunch, you can add fish or grains. 

You can eat food purely made with olive oil. On the other hand, you will also have the option of adding 10% of any other kind of oil like corn oil. It could enhance the benefits of olive oil but no can beat the effectiveness of olive oil. 

Besides maintaining the blood glucose level, olive oil reduces the chances of diabetes 2. You will get a true escape from heart diseases also. 

Instructions regarding consuming olive oil

Before adding olive oil into your diet, you will have to follow a few instructions. Don’t exceed olive oil more than 1 tablespoon per day. Your diet should be balanced and maintained with the appropriate quantity of olive oil and nuts which are usually added into the Mediterranean diet. 

You can use extra virgin olive oil or virgin. If you want to make your diet light and with fewer calories, you can take virgin or pure olive oil. Alongside giving you healthy life, olive oil will burn your extra fats and will keep you slim. 

In little quantity, you will be able to take more proteins, vitamins, minerals, and calories. You will don’t need to eat in an excessive amount. Moreover, you will not feel hungry because it will keep your tummy filled. 

So, this article will be very informative and helpful for you. You will know about the right appropriate amount for you to take and timings also. You will also know in which ways this little quantity could help you in reducing the blood cholesterol and glucose level. 

Moreover, it will keep you away from diabetes 2. You only need to keep in mind for buying the extra virgin olive oil. It will give you more benefits than any other kind of olive oil.