Getting Your Restaurant Ready to Open Its Doors

If you are opening a restaurant, your mind is full of contracts, leases and bills. In the midst of all the legal details, don’t forget to take these steps to get your restaurant ready for opening day.

Pick Your Food Vendors

The most crucial part of your restaurant is the food that you will sell, so picking your food suppliers must be at the top of your to-do list. Depending on what kind of food you sell, you may need more vendors. If you operate a fast-casual hamburger eatery, you need fewer kinds of food than if you run a farm-to-table restaurant that specializes in formal dining. Additionally, think about acquiring your produce locally. For example, if your restaurant is in Florida, you should consider a produce shipper Medley FL rather than one based in California.

Prepare Your Equipment

Every restaurant needs at least a sink, plenty of counter space, a refrigerator and a dishwasher in its kitchen. Most also need fryers, ovens, warmers and freezers. Leave room in your budget to purchase high-quality equipment so that it will not break down in your first months. Train all employees in the use of each machine to prevent misuse. Record the warranties and telephone numbers that accompany each piece of equipment.

Purchase Sanitizing Tools

The cleanliness of your restaurant is governed by federal and state laws. All employees must observe basic hygiene practices such as washing their hands and keeping their hair tied back or in a hairnet. You must procure soap, paper towels, restroom cleaning supplies and other necessities for keeping your building clean. Invest in industrial-strength degreasers and soaps as well as the normal varieties.

As you get ready to open your restaurant, don’t forget about the food, equipment and cleaning tools. All of them are crucial to a strong opening day.