Natural Alkaline Spring Water In Your Home

Natural spring water contains many minerals and nutrients which are essential to promoting our well being, the most important of which are Calcium and Magnesium. For any doubters about the benefits of water quality, they are recommended for consumption by the WHO, so you know it is good for you.

Having an alkaline water machine provides water that emulates many of the health benefits provided by natural sources, so having one at home helps tremendously with your immune defenses and well being. In this article we will go through the benefits of having natural alkaline spring water as part of your home and daily diet.

The Origins of Spring Water

Mountain spring water absorbs mineral content from the surrounding ground and rocks when it passes from high altitudes to sea level. These minerals contain ionized molecules that are often found in commercially produced bottled water too.

Natural alkaline water mimics the water produced by naturally occurring springs, instead of forcibly introducing ions for health benefits. Their water helps fight acidity in the body, boosts our energy levels and helps with maintaining a youthful complexion due to its detoxifying properties.

In fact, it is known that people in mountain villages and settlements supplied by natural water sources are healthier and more resilient due to consuming alkaline water. We have compiled a list detailing the various benefits of alkaline water as follows.

Advantages of Alkaline Water

Alkaline water helps suppress symptoms of gastric illness and acid reflux. The chemical Pepsin can cause heartburn which leads to unwanted discomfort and loss of well being, especially when plans are put on hold or cancelled because of unpleasantness.

Alkaline water from Coral Pure Natural comes at a pH of 9.5 which helps neutralize the acidic content in the bloodstream and organs, which helps people with gastric problems keep their condition in order. It also helps with trace amounts of toxic metals present in our diet!

Apart from these benefits, alkaline water also helps those concerned with heart and cardiovascular health. Blood flow going to the heart must be healthy to prevent the onset of hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol, as it helps our heart muscles to pump more efficiently.

This also translates into tangible benefits for athletes and sporting enthusiasts since heart health is extremely important to physical performance. It even has benefits for gym goers and bodybuilders as well as the minerals help with muscle recovery and fatigue.

Choose Natural Alkaline Water

Ionized alkaline water made for commercial consumption is simply tap water that is passed through an electronic ionizer. However, this process does not alter the pH of the water itself, which is naturally around pH 5 after passing through our reservoirs and pipelines. This contradicts any potential benefits that the added minerals and ions will have.

All things considered, consuming natural alkaline water is the best investment to make for you and your family’s health. Their benefits extend not only to those with currently health conditions, but also the health conscious who wish to protect their loved ones from illness.

It is important to know the benefits of alkaline water before investing in alkaline water dispensers, but you could always check us out at for more information. Hesitate no further and get your very own natural alkaline water dispenser today!