The Popular Home-Made Chilli Chicken Recipe: Cook In Minutes!

Chilli Chicken is an Indo-Chinese dish that was made through experimentation. Ever since its creation, chilli chicken has become very popular and integral part of the Indo-Chinese cuisine in India. The speciality of this dish is that it has a culmination of both and Indian and Chinese flavours. Initially, it was made using only boneless pieces but over time, some people have started incorporating boned chicken as well for added flavours.

Essential aspects of chilli chicken

  • This dish was created by the Chinese community that settled in Chinatown in Kolkata.
  • It is a side dish that can be consumed with both noodles and fried rice.
  • There are different variants of chilli chicken due to the different types of experimentation that it has gone through.
  • A chilli chicken recipe can be made in a dry or grave manner.

However, this is one of those dishes that have only evolved through time without getting degraded. Since it is one of those dishes that can be easily prepared at home, they are very popular among people. Preparing a chilli chicken does not require the utilization of much labour if the recipe is known.

There are different types of recipes available on the internet that can be followed while making a delicious plate of chilli chicken. Having Chinese cuisines once in a while can uplift the energy around the house. It is also a very good alternative from the monotonous dishes that are prepared and consumed at home on a regular basis.

The choice of chilli chicken depends on the type of main dish that it is going to be consumed with. Ideally, it is sensible to make a gravy chilli chicken if it is served with only fried rice in order to provide that much needed moisture. However, if the main dish is a gravy noodle, then it should be served with dry chilli chicken to avoid the overwhelming amount of gravy.

The Basic Ingredients In A Chilli Chicken Recipe

There are different types of chilli chicken recipe with different tastes. Some of them can be prepared to provide a spicy taste while some can be prepared using a sweeter taste. The basic ingredients that must be present are; boneless small pieces of chicken, sauces like sweet chilly sauce and red chilli sauce, soya sauce, pepper powder, cornflour or corn starch, all purpose flour, paprika or red chilli paste, salt, water, vinegar, sugar, garlic, onion, capsicum or bell pepper, spring onion and oil.

These are the basic ingredients that will be present in every type of chilli chicken recipe. It is easier to experiment on a chilli chicken if these basic ingredients are available in hand. One of the procedures requires margination of the chicken. In order to get more flavour and taste, it is advisable to let the marinated dish rest in a refrigerator for minimum 2 hours to one day.  Marinating the dish for longer brings more flavour into the dish and makes the chicken juice and filled with moisture.