3 Etiquette Tips for Eating at Mexican Restaurants

Different countries have different rules regarding table etiquette, and Mexico is no exception. Whether you visit the nation itself or go to a local Mexican restaurant, there are some customs you should follow if you want to fit the setting. Continue reading to learn about three of these helpful etiquette tips.

  1. Remember Basic Table Manners

Mexican culture is usually relaxed about table manners, especially in casual restaurants. There are no strict rules about utensils, timing, and other factors. However, you should practice common sense etiquette before enjoying authentic Mexican cuisine Richmond KY. Keep your hands visible at all times and avoid putting elbows on the table. Place a napkin by your lap just like you would at home. Use one hand for the fork and one for the knife, laying each parallel to the plate when you finish.

  1. Do Not Be Impatient

Mexico has a polychronic culture, so they are accustomed to some tardiness and lack impatience. This does not apply once the food arrives. While in the United States, it is mildly rude to eat before everyone else is served, it can be a greater insult in Mexico. People tend to say grace or a small speech before the meal, so eating immediately can disrupt it. Wait until everyone is there and someone says “buenprovecho,” the Spanish counterpart of “bon appetit,” before you start.

  1. Plan the Payment Early

Another American custom that is rare in other cultures is splitting the check between the guests. While it can be considerate towards others, it also can cause confusion and extra work for the restaurant staff. In Mexican culture, only one person treats the others. If you are not comfortable with that, talk with the others and resolve the issue before going in.

Eating at a Mexican establishment has some different etiquette guidelines compared to other countries. Learn these rules so you can fit in and enjoy your meal.