What Is So Special About Cooking In An Induction Tawa?

If you are looking for buying tawa to get the roti-making job done easily, then buying one which is compatible with induction is the only best option left these days. Not only the induction cooktop was introduced to the market but all essential cookware that one may need to cook food onto it had also been brought to the market like induction Tawa which is an essential element for one to cook roti or chapattis daily. Induction Tawa is a gorgeous pan that is easily available in the market and can be bought for good reasons.

There are many good features you will find in the tawa when you shop it from To know what this product can be an ideal option to shop and use in the kitchen, below are some strong pointers that will clear all your doubts.


The diameter in which the Tawa ranges and you can shop based upon your exact requirements. But don’t get confused about the size; you will find it available in sensible sizes so that you shop for the one that you feel you need. Let’s assume, buying the Tawa with a diameter of 13” can assist you to make all kinds of rotis, from small to large, to feed your whole family. Also if you want to explore any other Indian bread, this tawa works very well for big-sized dosa and crepes. No doubt from the beginners to the advanced cooks, all will find it a useful product to use in their kitchen arsenal.

Very strong handles-

What happens when you shop for any ordinary tawa from the nearby store, do you get any replacement surety in case the handle easily gets a break. No, not sure. When you buy the tawa for induction and from a reliable seller surely you will get the Tawa with a fastened strong handle. The handle is made from heat resistant material for easy grip and for ensuring greater convenience at the time of cooking and serving. The high quality of the handle makes the cookware ideal and safe to use the product on daily basis.

Greater compatibility-

Those who are thinking that can I use induction tawa on gas should know that such cookware products are designed to ensure features of greater compatibility. Yes, you can not only cook rotis or chapattis on it placed on the induction cooktop but your gas as well. And this is helpful in case if electricity is absent at your home and you feel very hungry and want to eat food. This cookware is having a high-quality aluminum body that comes with a gas and induction compatible base.


The very best thing about this induction nonstick Tawa is it comes with the feature of being a metal spoon friendlier surface that gives it longevity. You won’t find any scratches on the surface nor will experience surface discoloration. But make sure you don’t cook at very high heat. It may not only burn food but will discolor the surface.

For all these specialties found in your induction compatible nonstick Tawa, buying won’t be a bad decision. So shop it from of good quality and at better rates now.