What You Need to Know About Choosing the Right Size Stand-Up Pouch

stand-up pouches

It’s not hard to figure out what size stand up pouch you need, but you do need to know what dimensions and features you’re looking for in a bag. Using stand up pouches will preserve your goods, let it stand out on store shelves, and save your packaging costs. This article will get you started in the right direction by offering a summary of a few crucial factors, the most crucial of which is picking the right bag size. We will discuss various crucial elements that must be taken into account when selecting pouch size, as well as provide a chart for stand-up pouches. Once you know what size is best, you may narrow your search for acceptable packaging by examining factors like the thickness of the material, the kind of packaging material, and the pouch qualities.

Choosing the Appropriate Height for Your Stand-Up Pouch

It’s important to remember two things while attempting to figure out how to calculate pouch size. The first thing to know about pouch dimensions is that they are always listed as width, height, and gusset. A gusset is present in a bag if its dimensions include a third dimension. We advise opening the pouch first, and then measuring it from front to back on the bottom, to get an accurate reading when sizing a gusseted bag. It’s important to remember that some manufacturers provide the gusset size as half the measured length, while others list the whole length. This varies depending on the maker. Second, as shown in the diagram that follows, it is always the outside dimensions that are used when measuring a pouch.

Be sure of It. As Much as Your Own Volume

It is crucial to know the precise quantity of your goods before deciding on the right bag size. Eight ounces of a low-bulk, high-density meal like chicken requires less storage space than eight ounces of a high-bulk, low-weight snack like granola. Especially with bulkier items that may need a pouch a whole size larger to accommodate the extra volume, it is crucial to test your products in a range of pouch sizes before making a purchase.

Stand up pouches used in the packaging industry typically range in size from 6×8 inches to 14×24 inches. In addition to these standard measurements, Summit offers customized stand up pouches to its clientele. We have a method that will work effectively for your goods whether you need to package anything that is fresh, dry, bulky, or refined. To help you decide what size stand up pouch would be ideal for your needs, we’ve included a chart with examples of products that other customers have packed in our pouches.

How do you load up your pouches with stuff?

Another crucial query to ponder is, What kind of packing gear will I be using? You could be filling pouches by hand, but if automation is involved, you need to give some more thought to a few factors. Not just the bag’s dimensions and wall thickness, but also the kind of packing material desired, are affected by how you wrap your item.


One reason for this is because a machined filler will use more force than a human filler, hence care must be taken to ensure that the pouch is not damaged during operation. Our machinery experts are happy to talk you through all the packaging options and help you choose the perfect stand up pouch size and thickness.